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DOFUS Touch Weekly Offers: Drop's Tormentor

A new Armored Dragoturkey you can get in DOFUS Touch this week! Remember that reach the required level as soon as possible as the Dragoturkey is only available in the Shop from 19 January to 26 January. Check the items available for the whole week below!

Dofus Touch Review: The Alchemist Profession

As the official explain, an Alchemist prepares potions. They can be more or less efficient but are essential to craft items, to recover energy and Health Points and to forget knowledge. His knowledge extends to selecting the perfect plants for his potions.

DOFUS Touch: How To Build A Strength Sacrier

As the official explain, Sacriers are berserkers who get a boost in power each time they are attacked. As they have nothing to fear from cuts or blows, they haunt the front lines in battle, ready to draw first blood. Sacriers are the perfect allies for those long, relentless battles. This article is about how to build a strength Sacrier.

DOFUS Touch Tips When Getting Your Items Crafted

As we know, the point of DOFUS Touch is to develop your character and your items and it makes the presence of the Crafting Skills become an interesting feature of Dofus Touch.

Dofus Touch Tips: The Profession Features Of Fisherman

Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch. In this we will talk about the profession fisherman.

DOFUS Touch Guide: Element Builds Of Xelors

Xelors have the ability to command obedience from all time-related machines. He is the real timelords. Xelors can warp time to serve their own needs by slowing down their enemies or teleporting wherever they want.

DOFUS Touch: Some Basic Knowledge Of Masqueraider You Should Know

The Masqueraider in DOFUS Touch is a warrior who always wears a mask. Some players would like to choose Masqueraider as the class they start DOFUS Touch. This article is a nice guide for new Masqueraiders to start the game with some knowledge of what to do.

Dofus Touch Tips: Don't Make Hunter Your First Profession

Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch. In this we will give you some tips for the hunter profession.

Dofus Touch: A List Of The Repeatable Quests That Can Earn Kamas

Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch Kamas. This is a guide to list all the repeatable quests which can help you to make easy and reliable money.

DOFUS Touch: A Rollback On All The Servers

To avoid more disruptions of shop in the game and the Auction House, DOFUS Touch decided to perform a rollback on all the servers to ensure the stability of the servers.

DOFUS Touch Are Recruiting Moderators In-Game

Days ago, the DOFUS Touch official site posted a interesting recruitment notice to hunt for some players who are interested in being a in-game moderator and familiar with DOFUS Touch and its specificities.

DOFUS Touch Announced The Official Modification Of Game Economy

In order to ensure the sustainability of the game and offer players the best experience possible, DOFUS Touch announced that they will make some modifications in the game economy.

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