Weekly Shop Update St. Potrick's Pack In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/20/17 09:52:40 Views: 1714

It's time to know what's new in the DOFUS Touch shop this week! Just like the past period, the shop offers some items that available for the whole week as well as special offers this week. 


To celebrate the Saint Potrick's Day, DOFUS Touch adds the St. Potrick's Pack which consists of the Stroy Zemol set, Green Piwin pet, Leaf's Tormentor, Almond, Praline and Pippin Shigekax to the shop. The special pack value of 13,000 Goultines.



Then let's see what items are available in the whole week:




• Tofrazzle

• Angora Bow Meow

• Pink Dragoone

• Tarzantula

• Jellufo

• Grauler

• Mischievous Squirrel

• Fosfor

• Plump Tofurby

• Sting

• Gobtubby

• Croum

• Rushu's Shushu


Mounts and Petsmounts


• Boarhog

• Khamelerost Dragoturkey




• Lemon

• Percimol

• Cicada

• Pinokio

• Black Crow

• Slugly

• Solaris

• Lamechester United

• Prisoner

• Grillian

• Gadjet

• Livitinem




• Bitter

• Almond

• Banana

• Chocolate

• Morello Cherry

• Indigo

• Pear

• Praline

• Pippin


This week's special packs contains the Novice Pack, the Tormentor Pack and the Shigekax Pack (Bitter, Caramel, Orange, Pear and Api).


Special Offers This Weekend




• Black Dragoone

• The Godfather's Gobtubby

• Toucantankerous




• Razorback


Finally, get items you need and start new adventure in DOFUS Touch with useful gears.