Completing Dungeons On Pandala Island In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/15/17 09:56:27 Views: 2053

The celebration of Saint Potrick's Day is going on in Pandala island! However, players need to complete a mission before savoring the fermented bamboo milks and local delicacies.


In order to finish this simple mission and get rich bonus, the sages of of Pandala is asking warriors to adventure in new dungeons.



These are four dungeons you need to complete and the rewards you can win:


Bulb Cavern: an exclusive set, the Brrrito set

Daggero's Lair: an exclusive shield, the Airmarmour

Pandikazes' Hideout: an exclusive incarnation, Tracon's sword

Kitsoune Dungeon: an exclusive pet, Leopardo

Firefoux Dungeon: Legend of the Dungeon Boots, which gives an exclusive title


According to reminders, DOFUS Touch advised that not to make this tour of the dungeons after guzzling on barrels of fermented bamboo milk as it's safer for you and others.


Remember that the offer is valid once per account. The rewards are not dropped by the boss, instead they will be inserted to your account from March 21st and onwards.


The event runs from the 13th of March 00:01 server time and ends on the 19th of March 23:59 server time.