DOFUS Touch Missive #6 Overview

dofustouch-kamas Date: Apr/13/17 11:37:45 Views: 2687

There have been a lot of changes and updates in DOFUS Touch in the past few months since it was released. The game has not been available for more than 10 years, but only since September 2016 around the world. Recently, DOFUS Touch released the Missive #6 in its official site. This list is exhaustive, some projects may be modified along the way while new ones may emerge.



Contents Will Come To Shop


The Mimisymbics - They make it possible to give an object the appearance of another object of the same type and level lower than or equal to its own. They will be logically available by May. The Mimisymbics will also be compatible with the pets and petsmounts!


The Mystery Boxes - On the same principle as that of DOFUS, the Mystery Boxes will be composed of random objects and you will have this or that chance to obtain this or that object. However, we would like to propose that you open them directly in-game without going through the official website, which requires more work on our side. We estimate their deployment by June at the latest.


Items taken from DOFUS - Some objects that have made the happiness of several thousand players on DOFUS will also be repeated on DOFUS Touch this year. The Shushivin Set might make an interesting addition to the mobile version.


New Consumables - The developers are thinking about proposing new consumables suitable for DOFUS Touch. They are considering an anti-aggression potion against monsters, a camouflage potion, a teleportation potion ...


Contents Will Come To Game


The Incarnam Revamp - Modification of the area, the bestiary, the dungeon, added new items and ... setting up a new feature!


The Lair - The Lair feature is based on the Missive #5 poll. According to developers, this is a big challenge for the integration amongst others of new bosses. DOFUS Touch would deploy the Incarnam revamp and Lair on a Beta server at first. The feature will be able to launch the Beta at some point during May.



DOFUS Pets - DOFUS Pets is a new mobile game F2P (Free To Play) in the universe of Krosmoz, based on the principle of management of pets. It proposes to the players to adopt a companion, to take care of it, to educate it and to evolve it, while offering varied functionalities such as an integrated system of mini-games or An extended Community dimension. DOFUS Pets will allow you to unlock exclusive pets and petsmounts in DOFUS Touch this summer! To illustrate this, [XyaLe] kindly unveiled the evolution tree of the familiar Bow Meow pet!



PVP Tournament - The developers will organize an official PVP tournament before the end of the year since the launch of the first one has been delayed due to technical difficulties.


Device Issues - They always try to resolve the difficult device issues players have met in spite of they can't reproduce the bugs players encounter.



Bugs and Ergonomics - Similarly, the developers will continue to work on the various bugs and ergonomics problems that you can still encounter on DOFUS Touch.


In short, those are just some of the contents we sum up. We'll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on DOFUS Touch. So, stay tuned.