More DOFUS Touch Content Will Be Found In Gamakna

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/23/17 16:20:32 Views: 2061

A free magazine published by Ankama Studio will appear to DOFUS Touch players!


The new Gamakna is an online digital magazine that covers all the Ankama news: video games, animation, board games and editions. You can also find everything about DOFUS Touch and other Ankama universes.



"Gamakna is more than a paper magazine," Ankama said, "If the mag of Ankama consists of articles, files, focus or interviews, we want to go beyond this framework and propose interactive content: that is why all the pages can be shared, you will find videos, Animations, special effects, mini-games ... The barriers raised by the press have been lifted!"


The Krosmoz is the cornerstone of the creations of the magazine. Gamakna is also a means to launch bridges between these two worlds by highlighting the work of the Ankamians and the passion of our community.


Interestingly, the idea of Gamakna grew out of the desire to go beyond the Letter to the community. Tell you more, show you more, about the games that interest you, but also about those you may not know or too little.



There will be some new sections, new appointments and new media which including audiovisual, videogames and so on. As a fan of DOFUS Touch, you can also tell the magazine what you want to see and of course,some content we have missed in DOFUS Touch could be found in the magazine.


As a result of the free magazine, the Gamakna team will try as much as possible to offer a "plus" in each issue for your interest in our projects.


Players can read it on PC and download it on tablet and smartphone. It's that means you can find more DOFUS Touch news from Gamakna easily.