Lost Ark: The complete guide to several interactive maps of the world

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/23/22 15:16:13 Views: 1794

Several interactive maps of the world of Lost Ark will allow you not to miss any Mokoko seeds, find the location of your treasure maps more quickly... and many other things. I present four of them below, each with advantages and disadvantages. I will give you here a personal opinion on each of them. I invite you to seek their advice to locate the one that suits you very best.




1. Interactive Map of LostArk-es.com


This is the map accessible from the English patch for the Russian version of the game.


I think it's the prettiest Lost Ark card. It offers a lot of information about the islands: spawn time, island heart, required ilvl, which is very useful.


There is nevertheless perform to become accomplished. You will discover a couple of indications on acquiring seeds on the treasure maps,... I also find it a pity that the islands and regions are not clickable on the world map (you have to go through a list for the moment).


But there is no doubt that she will quickly improve!


Link to the map: http://lostark-es.com/map/?area=112




2. Trummo interactive map


This is the map from Trummo.com, a Russian fansite dedicated to Lost Ark, on which you will also find a builder for professions.


I find that it is the complete map of the world. It includes all the information from the previous one and indicates the various dangerous navigation zones.


In addition, each map is accessible by clicking directly on the map (no need to search through a list).


However, there is nevertheless a lack of data around the maps. The locations of the treasure maps are not specified, and many tooltips are still empty (when clicking on a Mokoko seed, for example). But just like the previous one, there is no doubt that it will quickly improve.


Link to the map: https://trummo.com/la/map/




3. Interactive Map of Craiel


This map has been around for a long time since I presented it to you several months ago for the Korean version of the game.


Very complete in terms of maps, each icon is clickable and gives details (accompanied by a screenshot) on the precise location of a seed, the way to open a passage, the way to get to the heart of the island,... in short, everything is there.


On the other hand, some information is missing on the world map, such as the hours of availability of the islands. And I find her much less pretty than the others.


Link to the map: https://craiel.github.io/LostArkMap/




4. Interactive map of Inven


This is the map of the Inven site dedicated to Lost Ark (a massive Korean fansite, a reference).


The world map is very comprehensive in terms of information and has the advantage of being full screen. On the other hand, the names are Korean (only on the world map).


Here too, nothing is clickable. Everything goes through the list located on the left of the screen.


The maps are complete and are accompanied by many indications via screenshots or comments (but it is not done).


Link to the map: http://lostark.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/map/


You will have understood I would like to be able to mix all this: I will take the graphic aspect of the first, I will make it clickable as much as possible like the second, and I will add all the information of the last two.



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