NBA 2K23: Best Players for Shooting Guard (SG)

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We have already done the best point guards in NBA 2K23, and now we will look at the highest-rated shooting guards who need to be able to keep possession of the ball and also shoot and score the ball consistently.

Devin Booker - 91 OVR


Devin Booker


Top of the list is Devin Booker with an overall 91 and 33 badges, coming from an Offensive Threat archetype. He is the definition of a pure scorer; throughout his career has managed to do most of it from inside the three-point line, and his midrange ability is nearly unmatched in the entire NBA. The Phoenix Suns are perennial NBA Championship contenders, largely thanks to Booker being able to take over games offensively. If you want to use him in MyTeam, you may need to NBA 2K23 MT buy from

James Harden - 89 OVR


James Harden


James Harden comes with an overall 89 NBA 2K23 rating and 31 badges. He is still the best shooting guard in the NBA, even though it looked like he had a down season this past year. During Harden's time with the Philadelphia 76ers in the regular season, he still managed to average a double-double. There is a high likelihood of Harden's rating going up a little more if he can replicate the level he played at during the 2020-21 season.  James Harden has the archetype of an Offensive Threat.

Donovan Mitchell - 88 OVR


Donovan Mitchell


The latest player on this list, Donovan Mitchell, has an impressive total of 36 badges, with an overall rating of 88 and an Offensive Threat archetype. There's no doubt that Donovan Mitchell is an elite volume scorer, capable of getting his buckets from beyond the arc or slashing to the rim. He was the No. 1 option on the Utah Jazz for the last few years, and his offense was a huge reason for them making the playoffs every year. Still, a recent trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers means the young superstar shooting guard will showcase his talents in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Paul George - 88 OVR


Paul George


Paul George, with a total of 39 badges, has an 88 overall rating and is of archetype 2-Way Scoring Machine. He is often referred to as Playoff P, is one of the best two-way players in the NBA, and is easily the best two-way shooting guard. During the last two NBA postseasons, he averaged 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists a game. He will likely take on a huge offensive load for the Los Angeles Clippers next season alongside Kawhi Leonard, and they will be one of the best star duos in the league.

Zach LaVine - 88 OVR


Zach LaVine


Inside-Out Playmaker of Chicago Bulls, Zach LaVine, is the fifth choice for Shooting Guard with an overall of 88 and 22 badges on his profile. A switch flipped for Zach LaVine in 2018 because, from that point on, he suddenly became one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. The Bulls player went from scoring 16 points per game to nearly 24 while drastically improving his shooting percentages. He is well-known for his elite athletic ability and his 3PT shooting. He has won two dunk contests in his career and made two All-Star teams. Today, he is a premier slasher and shot creator from the perimeter, and he will likely be the No. 1 offensive option on the Chicago Bulls starting next season.

That concludes the best shooting guards in NBA 2K23. For the latest game info, click here.