Dofus Touch Tips: The Profession Features Of Fisherman

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/16/17 13:16:45 Views: 3507

Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch. In this we will talk about the profession fisherman.


"A fisherman enjoys the peace and tranquillity of lakes and rivers. This profession requires a lot of patience and skill since fish are suspicious creatures."


Fisherman acquires its main ingredient by clicking on schools from rivers, lakes, and oceans with a 100% chance of getting a single fish and more if stars have accumulated and have a chance for a resource protector to appear for every fish type that gives 50 of the respective fish and a chance to drop a rare.



This profession can make anywhere from 150kk-10milion in 10 hours of work. it is extremly luck dependent and the materials can be hard to sell. 


This profession is rather unique in two ways:

1. It a gambling profession other then point 2 the money comes from rare drops you get (thus you should have 300prospecting+ for better odds living chest dose not count towards this) 

2. When you collect something you won't always get exp and stuff from it. 



  • • Only profession that can make milions in minutes.
  • • A semi rare proffesion so less competation. 



  • • Second hardest gathering profession to start off has then becomes normal at mid and high levels. 
  • • You may say things that would get sensored on bad days. 
  • • Only profession that can make 150kk in 10 hours of work. 
  • • Only profession that "misses" collecting sutff. 


Profession Tips

  • • Different fishing rods have diffrent results test them all out. 
  • • Don't toss away rare fish they can be used to make gear or food that gives stats point. (and tend to be the only real money making in this proffesion) 
  • • The rare fish are effected by your pp gething 200 or 300+ pp will make your life better so investing in a pp set can be a good thing. 


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