DOFUS Touch: The Pros And Cons Of Chance Rogue Build

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/31/17 08:34:22 Views: 2236

In this tips article, we'll talking about the Chance build of class Rogue in DOFUS Touch. 



Your enemies find you to be extremely annoying in combat. (because of the AP extraction)

Your bombs remove AP.



The pinnacle of your build is a spell you gain when you reach level 90.

Chance builds are difficult to develop. (because there aren't any good chance sets for starters)

Almost no sword (I believe) has chance based attacks.



(you'll need your supportive spells as shown in the intelligence build)


- Start by leveling your first combat spell, has a ring shaped zone of damage and does moderate damage. You'll be able to kill faster and therefor level faster.

- Your bomb spell, extracts AP from the target (1 only) and when you align three of them you'll create an AP extracting wall.

- Your best combat spell. It debuffs your enemy (increased permanent damage) this means the target can't heal back up the 25% of total hp lost by your teammates or you. This debuff is only available for 1 turn per cast. 


Strategy Tips

Using bomb as shield is not going to help you much since your first combat spell is going to be close ranged. So I would suggest leveling the water bomb spell so you can place it further away from yourself, detonate it, substract AP and then use your combat spells to substract more AP.

Kick your bomb and substract AP and HP until it gets closer then start using your close ranged combat skill.



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