Best Way To Train Magus In DOFUS Touch

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In DOFUS Touch, a Mage is variety of profession. Maging currently exist for all of the equipment and weapon crafting professions, with the exception of Shield Smith. A specialization gives the ability to modify the characteristics of a weapon or piece of equipment of the corresponding professions. In this article, we'll talk about how to mage items and the best way to train your magus.



Notices When You Maging


Maging is quite easy. An item has an “power” of 100 per stat. This means that the max on an item is 100 intelligence/100 strength/100 agility/100 chance, Wisdom has a power of 3 each wisdom, damage has a power of 20 each damage, damage % has an power of 5 each %, AP/MP/RA are 100 power which means that 1 AP/MP/RA is max etc.


Except when the max stat on an item is higher then 100, the max will be the max of the stat. So if an item had 2 RA on it the power wil be 200. Same with Vitality: Power is 1/3 each vit. Means the max is 300 or the max on an item must be higher then 300. (Vit is a wierd stat, never made it to 300 but in theorie it should be possible.) If this is the case you should NEVER try to overmage it. This will result as an instant fail and the can decrease stats. Wisdom has a power of 3 each wisdom so the max (overmage) stat on an item is 33. Only when it’s higher then 33 that will be your max stat. And remember never overmage any stat above 100 power.


Best Way To Train Your Magus


The exp table shows you that you will get more exp at 50~75~100~125. this means you have to swap at 25~38~50~68. The best way to mage anything is to use an item wich has 2 power 1 stats on it. So intelligence/strength or agility/chance etc. Then get as many power 1 runes of these stats as you can and start maging. Mage untill the max stat of the item or a little bit over it but stop when there are to many fails. Then mage the other stat on the item to his max and a little bit over it and stop when there are to many fails. You do this untill both stats are quite high. Then you need a rune with more power(like damage) and put this one on the item. (It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t on the item before) You will see that both stats you were maging are decreasing. Then when they are both lower then the minimum of the stat start over again. Just continu this progress and your magus lvl will increase pretty quick.


The Way To Mage Items With Nice Stats


First get yourself enough runes. When you are maging for nice stats you will need runes with an power of 3 and higher.(Rune power 1 will result as a fail on high lvl items and isn’t really effective on low.) Then first make all stats on the item almost max or max, start with the stats which use more power then go to resistance and then move on to the part you want to overmage later on.


When all stats are almost max or max you start the overmaging. You will mostly overmage intelligence/chance/strength/agility so I will base on that. When an item has about 50 strength max on it and is for an lvl around 150 the max overmage is around 50%, this means that the max overmageing is around 75 strength. (You can’t build on this but it is a good way to know how far you can go) I don’t know if it’s linear. Haven’t tested that yet. To overmage the stat to 75 you should first make it around 50 strength. Then you need to use Ra Fo runes (power 10) for the overmageing. (Fo and Pa Fo will result in alot of fails) When you’re overmaging other stats will drop such as resistance etc. If you don’t need these stats just leave them, but if some thing is completely gone and you aren’t finished yet. Put it back on and start over with your strength again. You will be done when all stats are still nice and your strength is overmaged. (Or sooner when you quit the job because it fails over and over again) But remember maging an item is 50% luck and 50% following the right rules.


The process is not too hard but need your patient. Maging huge amounts of items would help you increase the chance of sucess when you maging the next time.


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