Abandoned Houses And Paddocks Will Be Relisted For Sale In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/18/17 00:19:25 Views: 2382

Recently, an announcement which referring to a disposal of the abandoned Houses and Paddocks in DOFUS Touch was released by the official site. These abandoned Houses and Paddocks will be relisted for sale on the 23rd of February 2017. At present, this measure is only aiming at the Oshimo and Grandapan servers.



If you have a house or paddock that has been ignored for a long time, it will be put on sale in game. The fresh listing of houses and paddocks will be available in a few hours after the maintenance of the servers as it will take 4 to 24 hours refresh the listing of houses and paddocks.


So, how to know whether a house or a paddock is abandoned? A house becomes abandoned when the account that owns it has not logged into the server after 6 months. Once the paddock has not been used by its guild members after 3 months, it will fall into the “abandoned” state. After 3 additional months, the paddock will be relisted for sale.



Once a house is relisted for sale:

  • • The contents of all chests in the house will be transferred into the owner's bank.

  • • The inactive owner will be refunded the default purchase price in Kamas of the house.



When the paddock is relisted for sale:

  • • Breeding machines will be transferred to the guild leader's bank.

  • • Mounts will be transferred to the bank of their owners.

  • • The default purchase price in Kamas of the paddock will be refunded to the guild leader's bank.


Moreover, excepting for Oshimo and Grandapan servers, the remaining servers are scheduled to take these measures, too. The details  will be announced in a later time.