50% XP Bonus To All Professions This Weekend In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/08/17 13:41:19 Views: 1891

Breaking news! DOFUS Touch rewards dedicated gatherers and craftsmen with XP bonus this weekend! 



All adventurers in the World of Twelve, as long as you have a profession (whether it's gathering or crafting) will get +50% XP bonus during the event. The reward is available on Grandapan, Dodge and Brutas servers.


It's time to collect resources, buy or sell them on the Market, and then complete the set you want! Enjoy a 50% XP bonus on your trades from this Friday night!


Event Time: From Friday 10th of March (18:00 server time) to Monday 13th of March (09:00 server time)