DofusTouch-Kamas - Free Bonus Exclusive For Dofus Touch Kamas

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/09/17 01:05:18 Views: 2001

It's been several months since DOFUS Touch first launched in French. For western fans of the game, the wait has been torture. But now that it's finally here, it's hard to see what all the fuss was about. It's a game different from DOFUS.



If you've played any MMO in the past decade, you're likely already familiar with every activity DOFUS will occupy you with. On your quest to reach the level cap and open up the game activities, you'll journey through fantastical mountains and jungles, run dungeons, and, if the fancy strikes you, dabble in crafting and gathering skills. Players can buy DOFUS Touch items with kamas. Indirectly, Dofus Touch Kamas will be able to buy everything in DOFUS Touch!


DofusTouch-Kamas team has a gift for all DOFUS Touch players: up to 5% free dofus touch kamas bonus going live in limited time. This activity features that the more kamas you buy, the much more bonus you will gain. 


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