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Hot News And Guides for Dofustouch each Version
The Trick To Build Up a Strong Fort In Fortnite

Building a strong base around your Storm Shield is an important part of surviving in Fortnite. If you are too stingy with resources, and you don’t keep your defenses up to date, then eventually your Storm Shield will be overrun and you’ll lose out on valuable progress by having to build more defenses.

How To Doing Arena Properly In TERA

Hopefully, after reading this guide more people will improve in PVP faster than they would normally and we'll get more arena in which people are going to play their classes to the maximum.

DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (4/10)

This week we add the Wa Pack to the Shop, which allows you gain the Black Quaquack Set, Wosungwee Shield, Minifoux Pet and 7 Days Bonus Pack from the pack you purchased with 15,000 Goultines.

DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (4/3)

To celebrate the 3rd season of Netfix WAKFU, DOFUS Touch adds the WAKFU Pack to the Shop this week! Get the special pack which contains the Mishell Set, Boh-Bihn Shield, Kerubaby Pet, and 7 Days Bonus Pack with 12,000 Goultines.