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  • DOFUS Touch: The Cheapest Way To Level Tailor [02/23/2017]

    Tailor in DOFUS Touch is said to be one of the hardest to level professions, due to the large range of resources that it needs. Once a Tailor reaches 65 they may become a Costumemagus.

  • The Side Kicks In DOFUS Touch Is Helpful To Build Enutrof [02/22/2017]

    Enutrofs are covetous treasure hunters who want to acquire vast riches and every comfort known in DOFUS Touch. It's a terrific and challenge class for new players because of its versatility. That's why the Enutrof is ranked two of three stars in terms of difficulty.

  • Best Way To Train Magus In DOFUS Touch [02/21/2017]

    In DOFUS Touch, a Mage is variety of profession. Maging currently exist for all of the equipment and weapon crafting professions, with the exception of Shield Smith. In this article, we'll talk about how to mage items and the best way to train your magus.

  • Frequently Asked Questions And Its Answers In DOFUS Touch [02/20/2017]

    Whether you are a new player or returning gamers in Dofus Touch, here are some questions you may want to know as long as you play the game. Of course, we have concluded the proper answers to these frequently asked questions.

  • Abandoned Houses And Paddocks Will Be Relisted For Sale In DOFUS Touch [02/18/2017]

    Recently, an announcement which referring to a disposal of the abandoned Houses and Paddocks in DOFUS Touch was released by the official site. These abandoned Houses and Paddocks will be relisted for sale on the 23rd of February 2017.

  • This Week Offers 30% Discount For DOFUS Touch Pets In Shop [02/17/2017]

    Thursday - It's time to show what new items is on sale in shop this week! Speaking of something special this week, we have to mention DOFUS Pets in the shop.

  • How To Make Profession As Great Income Source In DOFUS Touch [02/16/2017]

    As we know, some professions in DOFUS Touch allow you to gather certain resources from the environment, while other professions allow you to craft certain items. If you want to make money with a specific crafting profession, you have to evaluate a few factors.

  • Doing Main Quests Is Important To DOFUS Touch [02/15/2017]

    DOFUS touch, even if it's older version of the PC game is still fun, DOFUS PC restricts you to the town of Astrub and it's immediate (and other features) surroundings while DOFUS Touch does not.

  • The Most Profitable Smith In DOFUS Touch [02/14/2017]

    As a crafting profession. Smiths can make axes, daggers, hammers, pickaxes, scythes, shovels and swords. But which Smith is the most profitable one in DOFUS Touch?

  • Why Hunter And Butcher Are Very Lucrative Professions In DOFUS Touch [02/13/2017]

    If you decide to choose a profession to earn kamas and level these professions on you own from zero experience. I'll give you some advices. If you want to become the greatest hunter and the most famous chef, you're in the right place.

  • How To Revamping Sadidas With Its Spells In DOFUS Touch [02/11/2017]

    I heard about that some players have trouble in revamping Sadidas who taming Brambles to make horrifying weapons and crafting war dolls then win battles. If you want to get a revamped Sadidas in DOFUS Touch, follow our Sadida Revamping Tips below.

  • Weekly Shop Updates: What's New In DOFUS Touch [02/10/2017]

    Weekly shop update is coming! As we know, there is a Saint Ballotwine event which ends on February 16th. To celerate this lovely event, lots of items will be available in the shop in DOFUS Touch. This time's special offers are ending on February 16.

  • Earn The Favor Of Bworkette In DOFUS Touch Contest [02/09/2017]

    From now to February 15, there are a love themed contest for our players to participate in. Interestingly, to complete the mission, you neeed to write the lovely Bworkette a love letter to express your affection to her.

  • Empowerment Of DOFUS Touch: Incarnam Revamp And New Feature [02/08/2017]

    Yesterday, the DOFUS Touch developers posted a long missive to show the future of DOFUS Touch 2017.

  • Special Offers In DOFUS Touch Saint Ballotwine's Event [02/06/2017]

    Yesterday, a Saint Ballotwine's event was announced by DOFUS Touch official site. This event has a topic about true love and it will start from February 9th to the 16th. Here you'll be seeing la vie en rose and Gobballs of a similar rosy hue.

  • DOFUS Touch: New Filtering Panels Of Dragoturkeys [02/06/2017]

    Have you awared of the panels of filtering of dragoturkeys has changed into a new interface? These changes will help seasoned breeders who have a complicated way to sort out their herd easier to achieve their goals.

  • DOFUS Touch: The Pros And Cons Of Chance Rogue Build [01/31/2017]

    In this tips article, we'll talking about the Chance build of class Rogue in DOFUS Touch. Pros Your enemies find you to be extremely annoying in combat. (because of the AP extraction) Your bombs remove AP.

  • DOFUS Touch: How To Build An Agility Rogue [01/27/2017]

    We have told some tips on how to build an Intelligence Rogue, today we will discuss another build of this excellent class. Agility build of Rogues is pure tactical build.

  • DOFUS Touch: What You Should Know Once Begin Adventure [01/24/2017]

    Once you begin the adventure in DOFUS Touch, you may feel a little embarrassed before do missions. Since you are missing some little common sense after definite your class in game.

  • More DOFUS Touch Content Will Be Found In Gamakna [01/23/2017]

    The new Gamakna is an online digital magazine that covers all the Ankama news: video games, animation, board games and editions. You can also find everything about DOFUS Touch and other Ankama universes.

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