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  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (6/15) [06/17/2017]

    In this week, DOFUS Touch offers Cosmetic Pack with 20% off in the Shop. The Snailmate pet, the Alyverol set and the Relooking pack are included in the 9600-Goultines pack.

  • It's Possible To Change Nickname In DOFUS Touch With New Service [06/16/2017]

    As time flows, you may be not satisfied with the previous nickname you chose. Ankama offers a solution to deal with this recently. It's a new service called Nickname Change that you can find in the DOFUS MMO web Shop.

  • Write Your Best Ten Tips For Incarnam In DOFUS Touch [06/12/2017]

    There is a new contest in DOFUS Touch. It's just for novice. Players need to submit 10 commandments to help adventurers who first explore revamped Incarnam.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (6/9) [06/09/2017]

    This week's Shop features a Piwin Mystery Box that contains birds of a feather flock. There are six Piwin with different colour: Pink Piwin, Red Piwin, Green Piwin, Purple Piwin and Blue Piwin. The Yellow Piwin inside the Mystery Box values 3,000 Goultines. Players can also get a rare item in DOFUS Touch, Airmees Set.

  • DOFUS Touch Announced The Beta Testing Of Lairs Of Incarnam [06/06/2017]

    Do you know that DOFUS Touch is going to launch a closed beta with Incarnam revamp in the future? Whether the answer is yes or no, our site determine to tracking report the latest updates in real time.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (6/1) [06/05/2017]

    New week is coming! DOFUS Touch has updated some new items in the Shop. One of these offers that attract players most is the Canine Brigade Pack (10,000 Goultines) which consists of the Imako set, Snowfoux pet, and Boss Saw shield.

  • Participate In The DOFUS Touch Pirates FanARRRt Contest [06/02/2017]

    There is a new contest that related to pirates in DOFUS Touch now! To avoid walking the plank and feeding the fishes, players need to create a pirate themed fanARRRt to pay tribute to the Meridia of Pirates, Olvido. The contest ends on the 4th of June 11:59 PM CEST.

  • DOFUS Touch Rat Extermination Event [05/30/2017]

    The latest Rat Extermination Event takes place in Maysial of DOFUS Touch. As the World of Twelve's weather starting to heat up, not only inhabitants being happy, but the rats from Amakna's sewers being pleasure to invade Amakna Village's land.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (5/25) [05/26/2017]

    The Mystery Box that contains a selection of items can be obtained in the Shop of DOFUS Touch. If you buy the Camouflage Mystery Box with 4,000 Goultines in shop, you will win one of the consumable items at random!

  • DOFUS Touch Guild Focus Round 2: The Kamas Family & Fallen [05/23/2017]

    Since DOFUS Touch announced the Guild Focus activity, it's the second time to highlight your guild. As the official notes revealed, Guilds are the way to go to better enjoy DOFUS Touch. It means you can join in a group that have common interests with you. You will not only participate in dungeon runs, role-playing but also enjoy awesome benefits like access to a private chat room, houses, paddocks, use of perceptors, and exclusive guild items.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (5/18) [05/19/2017]

    This week's Shop updates mainly focus on Bonus Packs that can boost your adventure. The modification of the XP and drop curve of DOFUS Touch is still available in the Shop. You can still get +150% combat XP, +150% chance of getting loot from combat and +50% profession XP for your account. Plus, it's a good news that players can get 50% additional time with purchased Bonus Pack.

  • Stock Up Enough Dofus Touch Kamas To Explore More Places In The Game [05/17/2017]

    DOFUS Touch is a specially designed mobile version of Ankama's MMO Dofus that will not be cross-compatible with the PC edition. It is very necessary to work hard to earn Dofus Touch Kamas as fast as possible. It is not always easy to gain kamas in DOFUS Touch. The good news is that DofusTouch-Kamas always offers you cheap Dofus Touch Kamas with fast delivery.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (5/11) [05/12/2017]

    DOFUS Touch Shop updates again! This week we have Glitter like gold that value of 9,000 Goultines with the Hax Or Set in shop. Has the gold set caught your attention? Plus, players can experience the updates in Bonus Packs now! Buy what you want in the Shop now!

  • DOFUS Touch Makes Modification In XP Curve And Loot Drops [05/09/2017]

    The game DOFUS Touch offers the entire contents of the game DOFUS completely free since its release. DOFUS Touch have opted for a solution to slow the progression of the characters and their generation of booty, while continuing to offer free and unlimited access to the whole game.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (5/4) [05/06/2017]

    The Mimisymbics are still available in the DOFUS Touch Shop. As usual, you can get Mimisymbics for 5,000 Goultines per piece or 15,000 Goultines for a pack of 4 pieces.

  • The First Guilds Focus In DOFUS Touch [05/04/2017]

    It's the first time DOFUS Touch activity that focusing on Guilds. The event not only offers an opportunity to highlight your guild, but also help players to find the dream guild.

  • DOFUS Touch Nuass' Crafting Bonus Event Review [05/02/2017]

    Last weekend, DOFUS Touch released a Nuass' Crafting event to celebrate the beginning of May.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (4/27) - The Mimisymbics [04/28/2017]

    This week DOFUS Touch has new set update in the Shop now! Players can get Mimisymbics for 5,000 Goultines per piece or 15,000 Goultines for a pack of 4 pieces. The new type of item allow you to add the appearance of one piece of equipment to the characteristics of another piece of equipment.

  • Being Popular With New Mimisymbics In Your DOFUS Touch [04/25/2017]

    Do you remember that we have mentioned a special item which will need Goultines in our weekly shop update article? Yes, it's the Mimisymbics. The new created item has been confirmed that it should change your life in DOFUS Touch.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (4/20) [04/24/2017]

    Weekly update comes again in the shop of DOFUS Touch! The surprise for this week is additional Goultines! DOFUS Touch provides 20% more Goultines that will be needed in future Mimisymbics. Just get it in Goultine Packs!

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