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  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (10/24) [10/25/2017]

    This week, DOFUS Touch players can get not only the 25,000-Goultines Skeletal Pack, but also the AI Howin Pets in the Shop. The former contains the Ornament: Neophyte Necromancer, Homlette Pet and Skullcrasher Shield while the latter includes Borbat, Tofume and Vampirina!

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (10/17) [10/18/2017]

    In this week, DOFUS Touch updates the Al Howin Pack which values 6500 Goultines in the Shop. The pack contains the Cursed Vampyre Set, Tofume Pet and Arachnee Summoning Fairyworks.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (10/10) [10/11/2017]

    In this week, DOFUS Touch adds the Ektopack (which values 8,000 Goultines) to the Shop with the Ektope Set and the Ghast Pet.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (10/3) [10/06/2017]

    This week, players can buy the Cosmetic Pack with 12,000 Goultines. Here you can get the Alyverol set, Snailmate pet, and the Relooking pack

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (9/26) [09/28/2017]

    In this week, we have the Night Watch Pack which values 10000 Goultines in the Shop. You will get the Black Crow Set, Minimino Pet, and Darkshield.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (9/20) [09/22/2017]

    This week, DOFUS Touch adds the Pirate Pack (which values 15,000 Goultines) to the Shop. The pack contains the Crossbone Set, Groogler Pet, and Fisherman Emote.

  • Defeat Pirates During The One-Year Anniversary In DOFUS Touch [09/18/2017]

    Can you believe? It has been a year since DOFUS Touch hit the market on smartphones and tablets. To celebrate the special occasion, there will be many parties and events for DOFUS players to participate in.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (9/12) [09/16/2017]

    Now you can buy the Brakmarian or Bontarian Pack from the Shop with 15,000 Goultines when denfending the Brakmar or Bonta city.

  • Defend A City During The War Of The Cities In DOFUS Touch [09/12/2017]

    There is a terrible event in the festival that honoring lost heroes and conquests yet to come. From September 12th to September 19th, you can choose to be tasked with taking either Brakmar or Bonta by storm and unlock various rewards in some maps which have suffered the ravages of war.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (9/5) [09/07/2017]

    In this week, DOFUS Touch offers a big sale to the Shop, which means you can get 20% off when buying all items. The special offer available from September 5 to 12.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (8/29) [09/04/2017]

    Players are able to purchase a Bonus Pack 30 days along with a free Bulbutting pet until September 5. Plus, the Black Madreggon can be obtained with 16000 Goultines in the DOFUS Touch Shop.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (8/22) [08/28/2017]

    This week we have the Charlie Chaplin's Pack which values 10,000 Goultines in the Shop!

  • Take A Look At DOFUS Touch Missive 7 [08/18/2017]

    The official site of DOFUS Touch unveiled its new missive! Let's check out it below.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (8/15) [08/16/2017]

    As the addition of Goultines buying service, DOFUS Touch provides the Piwin Mystery Box that values 3,000 Goultines in the Shop. It has six Piwins with different color: Pink Piwin, Red Piwin, Green Piwin, Purple Piwin, Blue Piwin, Yellow Piwin and Airmees Set.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (8/10) [08/14/2017]

    This week, we have the Prestige Mystery Box in the Shop which values 5000 Goultines. The box contains Snailmate, Toucantankerous, Mini Wa, Darkness' Tormentor, Magical Orb, Willy Peninzias, Armoured Dragoturkey and Mimisymbic.

  • How To Buy Goultines In DOFUS Touch [08/11/2017]

    Recently, DOFUS Touch posted an article about how to buy Goultines. As we know, Goultines can be used to enhance players' gameplay experience with Bonus Pack, Set, Pet and other premium items you purchased.

  • Win 25% More XP With All Professions In DOFUS Touch [08/09/2017]

    DOFUS Touch released a new bonus event this Friday! Players who enter the event can get +25% bonus XP from August 11 to August 13.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (8/3) [08/07/2017]

    The Hax Or Set comes to the Shop along with a Golden Dragoone Pet and gold. You can buy it with 9,000 Goultines.

  • DOFUS Touch Event - Protect Vulkania From Invasion [08/02/2017]

    A revenge of Nicholas Kwismas is coming to Vulkania Island while you travel here. It's the cost of Kwismas's Final Mission since Grozilla and Grasmera invaded Kwismas Island in the year 639.

  • DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (7/27) [07/31/2017]

    This week you can buy the Camouflage Mystery Box which can be used to change into look with 4,000 Goultines in the Shop. Here are items you can get from the box.

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