What's New In The Shop On DOFUS Touch This Week

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/10/17 13:30:44 Views: 1855

New items appear in the shop again! Weekly shop updates came to DOFUS Touch now. Purchasing a Bonus Pack 30 days, you can get the Snickermite pet for free! Remember that this sale is available until March 16th.



Let's straight to the point and see what items are available for the whole week:




• Tubskito

• Smush

• Tofrazzle

• Pink Dragoone

• Tarzantula

• Jellufo

• Grauler

• Mischievous Squirrel

• Gobtubby

• Moowitty

• Fosfor


Mounts and Petsmounts


• Boarhog

• Khamelerost Dragoturkey




• Tetra

• King Pong

• Pinokio

• Noke

• Pony

• Spacevader

• Thunderset

• Goldobrak

• Chisp

• Iopset

• Poppinz

• Eider

• Prisoner




• Bitter

• Almond

• Caramel

• Coco

• Orange

• Melon

• Api

• Prune

• Vanilla

• Mirabelle Plum


Special Packs


• Start your adventure with the right gear, the Novice Pack.

• The Ninja Pack snuck into the Shop, and is available once more.

• Become another person and master the elements with the Tormentor Pack.

• Shigekax Pack (Bitter, Caramel, Orange, Pear and Api)


Speaking of what special is this week, there are only two simple changes in Pets and Emote Scroll:




• Pandawa Cub


Emote Scroll


• Reckless


As usual, pay attention to what you want as some items are only available for a weekend.