What You Want DOFUS Touch Focusing On In 2018

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/04/18 01:40:55 Views: 2721

Adapted from the game DOFUS released in 2004, the first French MMO on PC / Mac, including nearly 13 years of content and features of the original game, DOFUS Touch is the richest adventure available to date on iPad and Android tablets.



In recent times, it was good to play a little outside, chasing creatures cooler than others! But something was missing once you got home... Wherever you are now, drop everything (except your tablet): it's time to try the World of Twelve!


A new interface, a new look, thanks to a new support. Completely redesigned for tactile use, in terms of interfaces, user experience or business model, DOFUS Touch has nevertheless kept the tactical richness and depth of content of the original game.


Indeed, if there are very good games on tablets, however, we have something that most do not have: incredible content. With a world of more than 10,000 maps, hundreds of quests, 15 different playable classes, dozens of dungeons to conquer, monsters, bosses to face, and the diversity of game modes (PvM, PvP, guilds, alliances, familiar, 200 levels of experience for his character, participation in the game economy, trades, breeding, etc.), DOFUS Touch offers total freedom for a huge universe, freely accessible, without time limit.


Playing on tablet is also being able to play five minutes or hours in the couch: it's up to you to play, whenever you want, as you want.


Beginning explorers or veteran fighters, amateur traders or guild leaders: with DOFUS Touch, all tastes are in the adventure!


DOFUS Touch is offered in free to play mode. A virtual shop will offer cosmetic items, consumables increasing the speed of progression, various services such as name / sex / color change, pets, professions and attitudes.


The free to play version of DOFUS on tablets, DOFUS Touch is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.