The Side Kicks In DOFUS Touch Is Helpful To Build Enutrof

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Enutrofs are covetous treasure hunters who want to acquire vast riches and every comfort known in DOFUS Touch. It's a terrific and challenge class for new players because of its versatility. That's why the Enutrof is ranked two of three stars in terms of difficulty.



Why Enutrof Is Good For Low Level


You'll find it's wonderful if you choose Enutrof as your class. Depending on how they're built, Enutrofs are quite capable of dominating early- to mid-game content, and considering how much content there is below level 120,  the game life of an Enutrof is varied and provides great entertainment. But no class is perfect. Approaching late- to end-game content, the Enutrof will be required to adapt and overcome.


Depth Analysis Of Enutrof


Enutrofs are versatile, strong at solo play in early- to mid-game content, have a variety of strategic options for defeating many kinds of enemies, and are very capable of providing heals, shields, map manipulation, and needed buffs to allies - not to mention the benefit of an extra loot-roll from Living Chest after level 100!


Relatively, Enutrofs don't hit as hard as several other classes, and this paired with both per-turn and per-target as well as several minimum-range spell-casting restrictions limits the ability to carry a fight - especially on tight maps with nowhere to go. In late- to end-game levels, Enutrofs will be dependent on harder-hitting allies to complete fights in a timely manner. 



The Key To Play An Enutrof Successfully


Playing an Enutrof successfully will require a strong sense of timing and rhythm, knowledge of how to magnify other classes' strengths and exploit their weaknesses, careful attention to distance, understanding of how to balance cool-down of multiple spells, and an honest appraisal of your own capabilities and how to work with a team.


There are three primary ways to build an Enutrof: Water, Earth, and Fire. If you're a brand-new Enutrof without any ability to generate revenue for yourself, then you should play either chance or strength, invest all your character points into your primary characteristic through the end of the 2:1 soft-cap, and put the rest into vitality. Wisdom is generally very important for an Enutrof, but unless you've scrolled your wisdom and have acquired what's usually very expensive gear, you have no real hope of using mp reduction as a strong defense. You can choose to put all your characteristic points into wisdom, but I think you'll find that your vitality, initiative, and elemental damage are pathetically low. In this scenario, it's better to get your wisdom and mp reduction bonuses from gear, trophies, and pets than through characteristic points. 



Suggestions For Building Enutrof


You'll ultimately want to scroll your Enutrof. It's disappointing to not be able to use Clumsiness to its maximum, but if you invest your character points into a single element through the end of the 2:1 soft cap and put the rest into vitality - and equip suitable gear and trophies - then you can easily defeat all the dopples at the 100-110 range. If you give 90% of your experience to your guild, then you'll be able to stay at this range for quite a while until you've gathered 100 points of wisdom scrolls and optionally 100 points of vitality and either chance, strength, or intelligence scrolls. 


If you've taken the time to learn some professions, then you can use your income to acquire scrolls even faster. Once you've done so, reset your Enutrof back to zero, scroll your characteristics, and put all your points into wisdom. You'll never invest any points into anything other than wisdom ever again - this is necessary so that you can play your role as a movement-point reducer to the maximum. Your gear and +Power spell bonuses will carry you the rest of the way.


The only alternative builds I can recommend are either strength/vitality or power/wisdom. If you choose to play strength/vitality, then you'll scroll your Enutrof, invest character points into strength through the end of the 3:1 soft-cap, and from thereafter put all your points into vitality. If you get strong wisdom/mp reduction gear and trophies, then Prime of Life will carry you the rest of the way and you'll benefit from strong support spells while also dealing terrific damage in close combat. 


If you want to play power/wisdom, then you'll scroll your Enutrof and put all character points into wisdom while selecting gear for no other benefit than how it augments your +Power and wisdom/mp reduction. Until late- and end-game levels, such a build will result in you dealing very little damage, but it will enable you to play a very strong supporting role in team combat. By the way, as the side kicks have been introduced to DOFUS Touch, the side-kick's offensive contribution will make such a power/wisdom build become more viable.


Do you think these tips are helpful to you while you want to build a powerful Enutrof? Stay tuned at our site for more DOFUS Touch tips and tricks.