The Most Profitable Smith In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/14/17 00:32:06 Views: 3974

As a crafting profession. Smiths can make axes, daggers, hammers, pickaxes, scythes, shovels and swords. But which Smith is the most profitable one in DOFUS Touch?


As of which Smith, just check all the medium and high level recipes and decide at what weapons you want to drop and gather for. Any smith is reasonably profitable. But best money maker to start out with would probably be Hammer Smith first. 



Of all the ones to level if you plan on doing quite a few lvl 100 Smith I reccomend going in this order. You can make decent cash if you max all these out. 


Hammer Smith

Dagger Smith

Sword Smith

Shovel Smith

Axe Smith

Shield Smith


The list was in terms of profitability from crafting items for people. Hammers are by far the most popular weapon for ALOT of classes because of the AOE. 


Hammer Smith use ores, alloys and raw jewels to make impressive hammers which are used either by craftsmen or adventurers who seek powerful and lethal weapons.


Dagger Smith uses various ores and alloys to equip the most treacherous adventurers of the World of Twelve with knives, dirks, and daggers.


A Sword Smith creates noble weapons with unequalled sharpness. He can use metal as well as wood to create new swords. This is what most of players need.


You can start with Shovel Smith your goal here is to get to lvl60 quick to make cruel trovels, then break them for mp runes,(about 15% chance of mp rune per a shovel) and sell, it's really easy to level and brings in good money. Besides, you need a lot of cobalt and other ores to get enough for 100 runes.


The Axe Smith can equip Lumberjack who want to cut, prune and split their enemies in two.


I wouldn't advise making a Shield Smith unless you have a steady way to produce the resources yourself. Otherwise it is a long, tedious slog and you will end up spending far too much to get it to 100. Once you get to 100 it can start to pay for itself, but not before that. 


Shield Smith is tough to level. You can get it to 80 using Lumberjack and Miner using a 3 slot shield but after 80 you can either do crackler shields or start making minor and medium trophies. The good thing about levelling shieldsmith using trophies is that there will always be people interested in crafting so you can craft for others. But it will still be tough and can take a while.