The First Guilds Focus In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: May/04/17 09:13:20 Views: 1787

It's the first time DOFUS Touch activity that focusing on Guilds. The event not only offers an opportunity to highlight your guild, but also help players to find the dream guild.



If you want to find a dreaming guild, you can check out the Guilds forum section for Grandapan, Dodge and Brutas to see what attractive advantages they have. Alternatively, grab more informations by chatting with new friends via the DOFUS Touch Discord. 


DOFUS Touch plans to create a Guild Focus news section which will highlight several guilds that are currently recruiting for new members. Follow the news and join a guild to advance your adventure!


Of course, if you want to build your own guild and join in thefuture Guild Focus, fill out a form that contains Guild emblem / logo, Guild name, Server, Guild description and kind of recruit you are looking for and Website / Forum thread / Character Name of contact. Then submit it to [Flatops] via Ankabox.


Remember the first Guild Focus will last to the end of May. Seize the chances to start new adventures with guild members!