Several Questions For Picking Profession In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/01/17 14:07:23 Views: 1868

Profession is a good source for income. Sometimes it might not pay off leveling your professions, but it depends on your attitude, your want to spend time/money for the leveling process and some other things.



Which profession is suitable to get? The forum of DOFUS Touch is full of such question-related topics.


1. Is that your first profession? Yes/No. 


If the answer is yes, then you’re welcome to read. To put it shortly: alchemist (potions, healing yourself, little pods required, easy to level, much mats easy and available. Might get little money), farmer/baker combo (possibility to heal yourself, combo is mostly self-sufficient, not much pods required, much and easy mats available), a harder one – lumberjack (more pods required, some better money for 20+ level lumberjack, mats are easily got near asturb. If the answer is "no", there’s a great possibility you’re not reading this topic as you already know how and what to choose


2. Do you have a possibility to spend some significant amount of time? Yes/No. 


If the answer is "yes", miner, lumberjack and fisherman are the best choice Much patience required. If "no" – not much recommendations, just choose the one except for these ones.


3. Do you have some money (initial capital) you might spend for your profession leveling? Yes/No.


If "yes", you have a really great range to choose – all crafting professions, all weaponry professions. Just anything you like. Yes, you will spend different amount of money on different professions to get any of them to level 100, depends on your ability to find cheaper resources, get in touch and negotiate with appropriate gatherers and so on. If "no", 1. choose some professions from the first part; 2. find friends, guildies that can help you with the resources. For example, I helped my guildies to become level 100 miners and alchemists when I hit 100 in these professions. I think there's always a possibility to find people who will help.