Participate In The DOFUS Touch Pirates FanARRRt Contest

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jun/02/17 09:10:55 Views: 1873

There is a new contest that related to pirates in DOFUS Touch now! To avoid walking the plank and feeding the fishes, players need to create a pirate themed fanARRRt to pay tribute to the Meridia of Pirates, Olvido. The contest ends on the 4th of June 11:59 PM CEST.



Your fanARRRt should show what a pirate's life like in DOFUS Touch. The character in your submission can be a pirate along with elements such as ships, islands, skulls, swords, parrots, maps, treasures, sailors and other pirates!




  • The fanart must be matching the theme "Pirates in DOFUS Touch". 

  • You can choose to use traditional (pencil, pens) or digital (computer) methods, in black and white or coloured.


To submit your fanart, post your art in the comments section of this news. Alternately, using the hashtag #DOFUSTouchARRR and tagging @DOFUSTouch_EN on Twitter.


Finally, there will be three winners that get rewards: a new emote Paint, pet of your choice: Toucantankerous, Grauler or Plop and 2 pieces of Mimisymbics.