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In Lost Ark, we have different sets of equipment available: Chaos set, craft, PVP equipment, and two sets of Guardians. They can be worn as a whole or combined. Set bonuses are given only by the clothes themselves. Weapons do not affect these bonuses in any way and are not part of the set, as, by the way, they are all jewelry.


Chaos set. Farming and sharpening through Chaos dungeons. No need to burn in arenas or sweat on Guardians. The most elegant set.

Guard set. Farming and sharpening through the farm of the Guardians. Cool bonuses, but you have to farm a lot of Guards. The second guard set is farmed with 325 GS (How to raise GS quickly) and can be jumped into from any other.

PVP set. You have to love arenas. Cool bonus from 3 items. It can be combined with Guard Set. Completely now to collect little sense.

Craft set. Farming and sharpening at the expense of the profession. Bonuses are only useful on Platinum Fields. But for them, you can make two clothes. However, it is sometimes used.

Weapon. It is not included in the set but affects the GE. So you can take any convenient weapon. For example, take a PVP cannon for any gear and immediately grind it to the maximum if the ass in the arena does not burn out earlier.


The main question is how you want to play. Well, what kind of gaming activities do you like. You should not farm a PVP set if your ass flies into orbit from the arena. Lost Ark Craft items are not for you if you're dying of boredom in the Platinum Fields. In general, choose a set according to your desires and not from the advice of mom's experts.



Assembly Options


Full Chaos set + any gun. And sharpen it to the very end. An elegant no-frills option. Bonuses are shit too.

Full Guard set + any gun. Great set for farming Guards. And you will have to farm them because there will not be enough resources. Good bonuses for farming Guards.

2 guards + 3 PVP + any gun. For the fearless. You can either max out PVP items or sharpen a little bit of everything. We get 325 GS and take a couple of clothes from the second Guard. Cool way for those who are not afraid of the arena.

Another idea. In any option, we take one or two craft items and sharpen them to the maximum. We take the threshold of 325 GS and immediately farm the second Guard set. What do you think, Elon Musk?

A variant of mother's abusers. We take a full Chaos set for 280 GS, and in it, we farm three northern dungeons on heroics. You can knock out clothes under 300 GS. Then we take this and maximize the PVP gun. We change the most fig item for a craft one and also maxim. We get 325 GS, and in this shit, experiencing pain and humiliation, we farm the second Guard set. Well, it's the perfect fit. Only now to farm northern clothes is another task.

We take full Chaos, maximize the PVP gun—Maxim 2 craft items, and farm the second Guard set. And from now on, it will be the same as with the Guard set. And an option for lazy mommy abusers who don't want to farm the north.

Maxim, which is maxed out, and change Guard clothes for new ones. Another option. Is 2 Guard items, one craft, two chaos, and a PVP gun.


In general, as I said, we choose which gaming activities are more pleasant, and we make such a set.