Livitinem Set Has 30% Discount In DOFUS Touch Shop This Week

dofustouch-kamas Date: Mar/03/17 11:20:23 Views: 1810

DOFUS Touch release new special offers this week! It's time to level up your fashion and get the Livitinem set with 30% discount. The Novice Pack, the Ninja Pack and the Tormentor Pack come to this week again!



There are some items available in the whole week:




  • Tofrazzle

  • Angora Bow Meow

  • Pink Dragoone

  • Tarzantula

  • Jellufo

  • Grauler

  • Mischievous Squirrel

  • Fosfor

  • Gobtubby

  • Rushu's Shushu


Mounts and Petsmounts


  • Boarhog

  • Armoured Dragoturkey

  • Khamelerost Dragoturkey




  • Tetra

  • King Pong

  • Slait

  • Pinokio

  • Megaman

  • Spacevader

  • Cursed Vampyre

  • Prisoner

  • Black Crow




  • Bitter

  • Banana

  • Chocolate

  • Morello Cherry

  • Indigo

  • Pear

  • Praline

  • Pippin


Special Packs


  • Start your adventure with the right gear, the Novice Pack.

  • The Ninja Pack snuck into the Shop, and is available once more.

  • Become another person and master the elements with the Tormentor Pack.


Special Offers This Week




  • Golden Dragoone

  • Toucantankerous




  • Slugly

  • Solaris

  • Lamechester United


Emote Scroll


  • Write


All the items we list above are only available for a week, so pay close attention to what's new in the shop.