It's Possible To Change Nickname In DOFUS Touch With New Service

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jun/16/17 10:44:25 Views: 2192

Hey, guys! DOFUS Touch add a new service to players now! If you don't like your nickname, update it with Nickname Change service now!



As time flows, you may be not satisfied with the previous nickname you chose. Ankama offers a solution to deal with this recently. It's a new service called Nickname Change that you can find in the DOFUS MMO web Shop.


If you decide to change it, go to the DOFUS MMO web Shop, then open the Services tab, and click in the right spot. 


Notably, this service can only be used to change the nickname that associated with your Ankama account, not your character's name as the latter can be changed by the Name Change Potion in DOFUS Touch.