How To Revamping Sadidas With Its Spells In DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/11/17 00:12:46 Views: 2392

I heard about that some players have trouble in revamping Sadidas who taming Brambles to make horrifying weapons and crafting war dolls then win battles. If you want to get a revamped Sadidas in DOFUS Touch, follow our Sadida Revamping Tips below.



Poisoned Wind


Spells that have an interaction with trees generally can't be used for 1 turn untill the tree matures ( or when using tear on the tree ), however Poisoned Wind is an exception to this. You can use Poisoned Wind on an enemy and hit the pre-matured tree and immediately see it's effect without having to mature the tree. 


In addition to the above, Poisoned Wind when set up correctly can add some huge damage when used with Manifold Bramble. The max I've been able to hit with 1,200 total strength is around 2,250 with 1 Manifold Bramble with the maximum amount of trees around the target. As unlikely as this scenario may seem, even 1 tree can make a big difference ( +120 ish damage per tree ). 


The Tree of Life


The Tree of Life ( the special Sadida's spell you get from the temple merchant ) seems to have no noticable effect when you level it according to the spell's description. What it actually does is increase the lifesteal effect when hitting the tree. At level 1 it acts as a normal lifesteal spell, returning 50% of the damage you deal to it back to you. At level 6 however it returns the full 100% of the damage you deal. Based on that it seems the lifesteal effect increases by 8,5% per level ( approximately ). 


When using The Tree of Life on a tree it will transform the tree with it's current HP ( so if the tree is damaged, the Tree of Life will have the same leftover HP ). So it's advisable to use Tree of Life on a tree with full HP. When Tree of Life runs out it will turn back into a tree with whatever HP it has left. Therefore to not waste 2AP to summon another tree it's better to leave the Tree of Life alive at low HP ( after hitting it for the health ofcourse ) and using a doll directly on the Tree of Life ( which is possible ! ). The doll will be summoned like normal with full HP. 


The Madoll


Don't ignore the Madoll ! He puts up the "Infected State" on enemies with an infinite duration ( untill the doll dies ), so in well timed situations this doll can be invaluable ! Using the Doll's Infected State with your own ( by using Paralysing Poison ) is perfectly viable and will usually result in a DPT increase. 


The Sacrificial Doll


Use the Sacrificial Doll as a distraction, not a damage doll ! This doll gains an HP and damage buff per turn and can be used as a distraction. Simply ignoring this doll would be lethal ( since it does 1,8k+ damage fully buffed ), so force enemies to focus on the doll for a turn or 2 and buy yourself some time. 


The Ultra-Powerful Doll


The Ultra-Powerful Doll is an extremely usefull MP drainer. Don't hestitate to use it against foes with relatively high MP resistance because with the revamp it not only kept the AoE MP drain, but it now also decreases MP loss resistances by 4 for 4 turns each time the doll tries to drain MP, and the effects stack ! That's a whopping -16 MP loss resistance in an AoE! 


Sadida is known as summoners who specialise in creating insidious poisons. Since each class has its own potential to get revamped, as long as you can be familiar with their characteristics and use it properly, you can do well with every classes.