How to overcome the fear in the Escape from Tarkov game?

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Games exist between the easiest to learn and play and the hardcore games that require hours of practice and dedication to start working. Escape from Takov exists strongly at the core end of the spectrum. Hardcore games are a niche market that is usually difficult to do well because it is almost impossible to make a game that is difficult to control and fun. Escape from Tarkov is one of the most compelling experiences in the area, but it balances everything strangely and interestingly. In this post, we will share how to overcome the fear in the Escape from Tarkov game.

How to overcome the fear in the Escape from Tarkov game?



Why do games like Escape from Tarkov tend to reject players?

No one likes to play games that are difficult to control. There is no way at all. Playing games requires players to have the ability to translate their intentions into actions in the game, and the more complex the control, the harder this process is. This is called "consciously playing the game," This is usually the minimum skill required to enjoy the game.


When players cannot translate their intentions into the actions they want, they will disconnect from the game and guess what went wrong. Usually, this will cause the player to correct the problem and move on. Still, if the game is challenging, its control may become an obstacle to deliberately playing it.


This is why control tends to be simplified across genres and why experienced players sometimes pick up games. They have never tried and already know the primary power from the beginning.


For Escape from Tarkov, even the most experienced players may find it challenging to learn the game's controls at first. This is the general trend of such high-precision hardcore games. I don't know how many friends use ARMA control as the reason for not playing. Even I have difficulty entering games like Silent Hunter III or Nauticrawl.



Escape from Tarkov: How to help players overcome the initial difficulties?


Getting rid of the initial shock of escaping from Tarkov requires some effort, but Escape from Tarkov has at least some skills to help the player. Although the game provides players with more control rights than ordinary vehicles, many control rights have a fundamental logic.


Just use a few buttons with modifiers to achieve precise control. Just hold down the left Alt button to completely change the way the player character moves. This, together with the innovative use of the scroll wheel, allows players to quickly and slowly feel how to play.


In addition, although it is difficult to remember every way to control a player's character, it is straightforward with just a few extensive controls. Basic movement, aiming, shooting, and reloading are enough to start the game, and many more delicate rules will be learned over time.


The most painful part of the early days is that most new players have difficulty acquiring equipment, but they can learn later once they get used to the game.


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In general, the most challenging part of getting into and fleeing Tarkov is the need for a dedicated person to sit down and overcome the loss. Therefore, in the Escape from Tarkov game, don't be afraid to lose Tarkov Resources, Tarkov Items and Tarkov Roubles. Don't care too much about the gains and losses of these items. The most important thing is to enjoy the experience in the game.