How To Make Profession As Great Income Source In DOFUS Touch

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As we know, some professions in DOFUS Touch allow you to gather certain resources from the environment, while other professions allow you to craft certain items. If you want to make money with a specific crafting profession, you have to evaluate a few factors. 



First of all, you need to be able to either supply your own crafting materials or buy your crafting materials below-cost so you can make a profit. Regardless of whether you choose to be a smith or carver, you'll probably want both a miner and a lumberjack because both smiths and carvers require large quantities of wood and ore. You can probably level your chosen smith or carver profession to 100 with basic materials and three- or four-slot recipes, so all those pebbles, etc. aren't really necessary. 


Next, unless you're running four- to eight-character team you probably won't be able to gather all the resources you need to craft the most powerful and expensive weapons in the game. You certainly can earn an income from crafting weapons, but the bulk of your money will probably come from listing yourself as a crafting professional and offering your services to other folks who've already done the hard work of gathering all the rare resources. If you market yourself effectively (with a listing on your server's market forum) and set regular hours (say, once a week from X hour to Z hour), then your clients will know where and when to find you. You may not be making a million or two million kamas a day selling Bearbaric Swords, but you could be making 50,000 to 100,000 kamas a day crafting and improving weapons for clients who already have all the materials while you get to keep doing what you love: fighting in the Kolo, hunting in Frigost, and hanging out with your friends. 


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Then, don't just raise the crafting side of your smith or carver profession: you also need to raise the mage side of your profession. The largest money in your chosen field is going to come not just from crafting powerful weapons, but crafting perfect powerful weapons. Everybody wants perfect stats on their gear, and even more than that there are lots of folks who will pay quite a lot extra for a weapon maged to hit in their chosen element (or hunters who want you to place a hunting rune on their weapons.) 


Finnally, you have to remember that any character can use any weapon without penalty. This means that demand for all sorts of weapons has increased and folks who may never have considered using an axe may now be very enthusiastic about crafting, buying, or maging and Axe Ciddental, Sick Axe, etc. Take a look at the index of your servers' crafting professionals. Some professions (Sword Smith, Hammer Smith) are typically over-represented, while other professions (Wand Carver, Bow Carver) are typically under-represented.


One of the main reasons for taking on a profession is to earn kamas. So if you're not making an income then you're doing it wrong as professions are a great source of income. If you want to buy dofus touch kamas, is always your best choice. Use coupon "TOUCHKAMAS" can enjoy a 3% discount.