How to Getting Dofus Touch Kamas Easily [Video Tutorial]

dofustouch-kamas Date: Dec/15/16 17:03:30 Views: 2212

We have known the importance of Dofus Touch Kamas, Today we learn how to make kamas on Dofus Touch? It's not complicated, just use your brain and be attentive to the smallest offer!

Very good explanation =), the fact of having made this video will motivate the people not to be '' con '' and to think by even ^^. As a very famous proverb says: "Do not give a fish to a hungry person but teach them to fish".


Otherwise for those who galley to make his first kamas, I advice you to farm the keep of the fields because if you drop a parcho of release (That's how I made my first kamas) it will allow you to get Your first kamas and then be able to get much more (do not forget to put kamas of not to be ruined by buying stuff).