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DOFUS Touch is the version of Dofus adapted for tablets (iPad or Android). The whole interface of the game has been redesigned to work best on an iPad with a medium-sized screen (8 or 10 inches say). The game was released on July 20, 2016. 



No matter who you are, be you a Sacrier or an Enutrof, you are going to need dofus touch kamas within DOFUS Touch just so you can survive. Almost everything is bought and sold for this resource within the game world and some of the highest level items cannot be received unless you dish out large amounts of dofus touch kamas.


Everything from powers to costume items and weapons are bought using kamas within DOFUS Touch. Kamas is not all that easy to get and without guides or certain farming tricks, you are not going anywhere. Sadly, there are not a lot of sellers that provide cheap Dofus Touch Kamas for sale which makes it even harder, however, if you actually find a trustworthy source the kama is not all that expensive and you can get it for extremely cheap on certain websites. Wherever you chose to buy, Dofus Touch Kamas is something you must have in order to make your character or profession the strongest he can be.


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