Doing Main Quests Is Important To DOFUS Touch

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/15/17 00:10:55 Views: 3547

DOFUS touch, even if it's older version of the PC game is still fun, DOFUS PC restricts you to the town of Astrub and it's immediate (and other features) surroundings while DOFUS Touch does not. DOFUS Touch gives you the ability to play the entire game for free while also having the ability to pay for Experience boost and cash shop items to make the game even more fun.



If you are new to DOFUS Touch and try to get an idea of what people usually aim for when they first start playing, we'll give you some suggestions below. 


The world of DOFUS Touch seems massive and you'll find that you don't know much about the game. Once begin the game, there are lots of things waiting for you on Incarnam. And you may confused that the side quests on Incarnam even worth doing, here I'll tell you the importance of doing quests.


I would suggest following the main Story quest line. Since its an MMORPG you can do whatever you want, or almost at least. So you can go for main quests, "side quests" and do jobs, or just get leeched by upgrading your wisdom. This gives you some good knowledge, dofus touch kamas and experience. On top of that they are important later on when you want to do dofus touch quest (where the reward is a dofus). Those aren't in the game right now but should be sooner or later. I personally think that "side quests" doesn't exist since almost every quest is important in the game, not a single one is there worthless at any given situation. I suggest having fun, that's it bro, if you feel like you're lacking of money just do jobs until you have it and then go dungeons with friends and things.


You can try a lot of the classes out at the beginning to get an idea of which you like, too. Or you can just join a guild in your server since there're many good guilds intending to help out new players in game.


As a new player, you can search the game shop to see if there are any items you can use on special sale. The Dofus Touch store changes every Thursday, most things are in the rotation. The Tormentators are new and so far haven't made a round, yet. Most things, however, do rotate in every 2-4 weeks.


Meanwhile, doing daily quests can bring some kamas which allows you to buy some new items you want to experience, like sets, pets, etc. As long as you want to level up your character, enough kamas are essential.