DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (6/9)

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jun/09/17 09:04:50 Views: 2051

This week's Shop features a Piwin Mystery Box that contains birds of a feather flock. There are six Piwin with different colour: Pink Piwin, Red Piwin, Green Piwin, Purple Piwin and Blue Piwin. The Yellow Piwin inside the Mystery Box values 3,000 Goultines. Players can also get a rare item in DOFUS Touch, Airmees Set.



Let's see items that available this week:





  Pink Dragoone




  Mischievous Squirrel




Mounts and Petsmounts



  Khamelerost Dragoturkey








  Black Crow



  Lamechester United





  The Empire









  Morello Cherry






Special Packs


Special pack available this week consists of the Novice Pack, the Ninja Pack, the Tormentor Pack, the Shigekax Pack and the Mimisymbic Pack.