DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (6/15)

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jun/17/17 09:11:40 Views: 1727

In this week, DOFUS Touch offers Cosmetic Pack with 20% off in the Shop. The Snailmate pet, the Alyverol set and the Relooking pack are included in the 9600-Goultines pack.





 • Tofrazzle

 • Pink Dragoone

 • Tarzantula

 • Jellufo

 • Grauler

 • Mischievous Squirrel

 • Fosfor

 • Gobtubby

 • Bulbutting


Mounts and Petsmounts


 • Boarhog

 • Khamelerost Dragoturkey




 • Tetra

 • Slait

 • Pinokio

 • Noke

 • Pony

 • Megaman

 • Prisoner




 • Bitter

 • Almond

 • Caramel

 • Coco

 • Orange

 • Melon

 • Api

 • Prune

 • Vanilla

 • Mirabelle Plum


Special Packs


The special packs available this week contains the Novice Pack, the Ninja Pack, the Tormentor Pack, the Shigekax Pack and the Mimisymbic Pack.


Special Offers Available This Weekend




 • Pandawa Cub

 • The Godfather's Gobtubby


In addition, players will have be able to unlock a new mobile project, DOFUS Pets on July 3rd. "DOFUS Pets offers you a critter from the World of Twelve to adopt and take care of until it's all grown." For players who want to own a pet, they need to choose one between a Bow Meow, Tofu, or Boon and manage its daily life, then you may have the chance to grow them to evolutions.