DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (5/18)

dofustouch-kamas Date: May/19/17 09:38:13 Views: 2016

This week's Shop updates mainly focus on Bonus Packs that can boost your adventure. The modification of the XP and drop curve of DOFUS Touch is still available in the Shop. You can still get +150% combat XP, +150% chance of getting loot from combat and +50% profession XP for your account. Plus, it's a good news that players can get 50% additional time with purchased Bonus Pack.


  30 + 15 day Bonus Pack

  7 + 4 day Bonus Pack



Then, here are some items available the whole week:





  Pink Dragoone




  Mischievous Squirrel


  Plump Tofurby




  Rushu's Shushu


Mounts and Petsmounts



  Khamelerost Dragoturkey


































  Mirabelle Plum


Special Packs This Week


As usual, there are five special packs available in the Shop: the Novice Pack, the Ninja Pack, the Tormentor Pack, the Shigekax Pack and the Mimisymbic Pack.


Special Offers Available This Weekend














Seize the time to get these upgraded modifications in XP and chance of getting loot on monsters!