DOFUS Touch Weekly Shop Update (4/27) - The Mimisymbics

dofustouch-kamas Date: Apr/28/17 09:19:35 Views: 1944

This week DOFUS Touch has new set update in the Shop now! Players can get Mimisymbics for 5,000 Goultines per piece or 15,000 Goultines for a pack of 4 pieces. The new type of item allow you to add the appearance of one piece of equipment to the characteristics of another piece of equipment.


Plus, all Shop Sets and Livitinems are available this week along with new releases which contains Lonne, The Empire, Slump and BzzZet. 






  Angora Bow Meow

  Pink Dragoone




  Mischievous Squirrel


  Plump Tofurby




  Rushu's Shushu


Mounts and Petsmounts


  Armoured Dragoturkey

  Khamelerost Dragoturkey













  King Pong









  Black Crow



  Lamechester United







  Cursed Vampyre





  The Empire









  Morello Cherry






As for the Special Packs available this week, now the Shop added a category of it for easier navigation. There are many special packs return to shop: the Charlie Chaplin Pack, the Novice Pack, the Ninja Pack, the Tormentor Pack, the Shigekax Pack (Bitter, Caramel, Orange, Pear and Api) and the new Mimisymbic Pack and Cosmetic Pack.


Want to suit a Mimisymbic to make yourself popular? Come to DOFUS Touch Shop and buy one!