DOFUS Touch Tips When Getting Your Items Crafted

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/17/17 14:37:28 Views: 2168

As we know, the point of DOFUS Touch is to develop your character and your items and it makes the presence of the Crafting Skills become an interesting feature of Dofus Touch. 


To craft an item, players need to go to workshop and follow the recipe. Some players may choose asking a crafter to craft their items. This crafting tip article is summed by a DOFUS Touch user who was a crafter in game. It can be useful when messaging a crafter.



Step 1: Be Polite When Crafters Are Busy


It doesn't mean crafters have to craft for you even though they are online. It doesn't mean they have to craft for you. If they can't craft for you right away, don't be a jerk to them by making stupid remarks or hurrying them, as they might be busy with other stuff.


Step 2: Lower Level Crafter With Lower Fee


You might get your item crafted for free if you search for a lower-level crafter. For example, if you need to craft a 5-slot item, asking a lvl 60 crafter to do it for you might end up being free, being that lower level crafters need the XP to level up the profession.  Asking a lvl 100 might end up in a 20~80kk fee, it depending on the crafter.


Step 3: Give Tips To Crafter Who Craft Your Items


It's always a good practice to give someone who craft you an item some kamas as a tip. Crafters usually are hunting for resources. When you ask them to craft something for you, they have to stop what they're doing, use a recall/bonta/brak potion, then use a zaap to go to the crafting station.  It's not free for them to craft for you, and tipping a crafter will help the server economy (relatively lower item prices), as well as the crafter having the will to create another item for you in the future.


Step 4: Prepare All Resources In Workshop Before Messaging A Crafter


Before messaging a crafter, have all the resources ready to craft. As we mentioned in Step 3, crafters are not just sitting at a zaap waiting for you.  They're far away gathering resources (mining, chopping wood, fights, etc).  It is very annoying when a crafter have to wait for costumes collect their resources because they didn't check the recipe first. Yes, we all make mistakes, and some resources in Dofus look very similar... but please, always double-check your resources and make sure you have them ready in the workshop.


Step 5: Don't Owe Your Bad Luck To The Crafter


Don't blame the item rolls on the crafter. It's your luck, not the crafter you use. If the item has bad stats, get someone to mage it for you to solve this problem.


It should be noted that the vast majority of equipment and consumables that you will run across during the game were crafted by other players. So, being patient and farmiliar with a good crafter is important.