DOFUS Touch Tips Of Making Kamas With Professions

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/27/17 14:15:20 Views: 2097

Once you play DOFUS Touch, you'll find that there are too many people asked what is the best way to make kamas. Whatever you do to make your kamas the key is to never spend more than what you can make. Do everything from drops, profession craft fees to making/maging gear and selling with a little mining on the side. 


The best way to make money is to level a profession. Any gathering professions can give you good money if you have some patience.



My opinion is that the "quickest" way to make money is to build up a gathering profession to a level in which you can gather big amounts of low level resources (or better, level the profession to a high level so that you can get lots of middle level resources) and sell them raw. At the beggining you will get few kamas, but with your profession level, the money you get increases fast, since you'll be getting more resources, which will be more and more expensive, in less time. I can make 40kk a day investing very little time (about 30 mins) by gathering thousands of resources and selling them. 


If you are still on low levels,  what you can try is to shop around, find the cheapest items, buy them out then sell them slightly cheaper than the most expensive price. You just have to keep an eye on the markets. For some players, their favorite way of making money is taking look in the buisness chat for people selling cheap things then buy them and sell them in the shops. It's a great way of making money.



The most effective ways of making money with professions are gathering massive amounts of low level resources and either selling them raw of after some simple crafting or exchanging, for example reaping Wheat and selling Wheat Flour. This way you can make up to 100kk an hour, with lvl100 gathering professions. The main trick, though, is to know what materials you can gather and craft in big amounts and go for the one which currently offers the best value per time quocient.


Every way of earning money is hard work. Just suck it up and get on with it. I started off with that problem but I learned that another effective way is buying kamas from online store actually.