Dofus Touch Tips: Don't Make Hunter Your First Profession

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Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch. In this we will give you some tips for the hunter profession.


"A hunter devotes his life to tracking prey and stripping all the meat he can from them before selling it to butchers who will then transform it into edible food."



Hunters can only drop one meat from a single monster but unlike the other professions is not 100%, naturally if you're fighting 10 of the same monster you'll have a chance to drop the meat from each one. No resource protector. Rares operate under the same conditions but generally only from bosses. Frigost 3 mobs drop the meat to make the best recipe for hunter starting at 14%. 


On new servers this profession can be a pain. Do to the fact they require you to have "hunting weapon" on your weapon and that you need it maged on your weapon if you don't want to use crappy ones. It also a unique profession at level 100 you get extra money for killing monsters you'd be killing anyway. (NOTE not all monsters drop hunter resources and only you will get them at the end of the fight) 



  • • Only profession that you can get resources from killing monster. (the selection is large)
  • • Only profession that it tool can be any weapon (as long has it has the "hunting weapon" trait maged on it.
  • • Resources are worth a rather large amount of money compared to the other professions.
  • • People will go wow you got a level 100 hunter if you brag about it.



  • • Your forced to farm monsters for resources.
  • • You need to mage your weapon wich may drop it stats. (and will cost you more)
  • • Leveling hunter can be hard and boring depending on your class.


Profession Tips

  • • Don't make this your first profession.


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