Dofus Touch: The Origin History Of The Tormentator

dofustouch-kamas Date: Dec/19/16 15:38:52 Views: 2168

Recently, the official released a post about the origins of the Tormentator which seems to be added to DOFUS Touch soon. This history have never been heard before and players hope the sidekicks can be seen in the Touch as soon as possible.



Here's the whole story:


It's rumored that the Tormentator pistol which created by Hissering the Handyman, is going to appear in the World of Twelve again. According to that, more information about the origins of this redoubtable weapon is discovered.


The origins of the Tormentator Hissering the Handyman was a warrior and a brilliant inventor. He has mechanical multifunction steam arm which make it possible for him to launch himself into the air, to cut through tree trunks, generate flames, or shoot projectiles. Thus, people don't want to bother him. His life was changed by the King of Bonta when he was engaged by the King to put an end to the actions of Count Saverne. Hidden in his Black Tower, the Count kept the bodies of villagers that he himself had kidnapped, in giant jars. 



After one of the world's most memorable fights, Hissering discovered that the Count had five children: Darkness, Cloud, Drop, Flame, and Leaf. He decided to adopt them without hesitating. But he had no idea that it would change the course of his life forever.


The peace life have last for a long time. One day, it has been discovered that four of his adopted sons had incredible elemental powers. While Hissering became completely obsessed with those powers, he made weapons for all of them, which were capable of leading and strengthening their magic: the Tormentator.


"But later, when Darkness, the last brother, discovered the power that was sleeping in him, it was a debacle throughout the city: he hysterically started killing anyone he crossed, and Hissering had to intervene. Captured and imprisoned, Darkness swore to get his revenge on his adoptive father just as soon as he was free…"


Darkness has complied with his promise for some times. After he found Hissering, he started a duel. When he was just about to lose, rallied his four brothers to his cause: Hissering died after been attacked by the children he cared for.


The poor father of the tormentators had a tragic fate. The story of his sons and their Tormentators had only just begun after the end of the history.


We think the way they ended this kinda sounds like there are some new content based around the brothers will come out soon.