DOFUS Touch: The Cheapest Way To Level Tailor

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/23/17 01:11:31 Views: 4076

Tailor in DOFUS Touch is said to be one of the hardest to level professions, due to the large range of resources that it needs. Once a Tailor reaches 65 they may become a Costumemagus. But many players are blocked in the 60 level. To overcome the barrier, offers the cheapest way to level Tailor to 65 level.


This may sound obvious but the cheapest way to level your tailor is by hunting the materials yourself (with the help of a few percs in resourceful zones). Gathering resources on your own on large numbers.



According to the methods players used to get to 100 tailor, it's a good way for spamming Kitsoune Dungeon or Kwakwa Dungeon. If you have one account I suggest asking guildies/friends to help you run Kwakwa/Kitsoune a couple of times. 


If you only need a small levelling like 5 levels up, it will be a pain if you have no means to farm the resources with since both Kitsou and Kwakwa resources are very expensive. This being said, I wouldn't buy the stuff. I'd try my luck in making a group who would willingly give you the resources after each run. 


On a final note if you only need the last 5 levels, go all out. Meaning craft anything that your inventory/bank provides (except the 2 slot recipe crafts since they yield no exp).


Many players would like to buy mats to level up. If you only want to buy the mats then I recommend buying the Kwakwa mats since they are more likely to be available on the market. Not only the Kitsoune mat are expensive but also they are pretty much out of stock most of the times. However you will have a hard time trying to buy the exact amount you want since Kwakwa mats aren't cheap and people tend to use them for themselves rather than sell them. It's your choice really but it isn't very wise to buy everything from the markets you know. Let alone spend 2m on piwi mats.


Hope these tips can help you level Tailor to 65 level as soon as possible.


The developer of DOFUS Touch, Ankama recently launches an event to celebrate the release of a new game called Krosmaga. This event allows players to get rewards in DOFUS Touch.


After reaching at least rank 6 in Krosmaga, once you play DOFUS Touch, you can get the White Ninja Set on your in-game account. But the reward is only used to play Krosmaga.