Dofus Touch: The Best Way To Level Up For Solo

dofustouch-kamas Date: Dec/31/16 15:27:40 Views: 3621

Being a tablet game, Dofus Touch is a solo account game. Everyone will be start new and looking for players to play with. Other than the obvious differences that come with it being a tablet game, the game is the same. If you are starting new and looking for a fun solo experience, it may be worth playing.



Personally, the best way to level up is treasure hunting, a solo activity. Here're the reasons:


  • • First, you don't need to wait for party members to play or get to the maps you are; just go straight up. 
  • • Second, you find great mobs on places no one goes to; somebody have seen mobs of kanigers giving over 4 million xp with that. 
  • • Third, you see resources and arch-monsters, which are also good for eternal harvest and grinding professions and such. 


The hunts themselves give good xp, it's not too repetitive, and you can do something else at the same time. And the rewards sell for a good amount of money, giving you good sustain along with good XP.


A a solo player states that don't thinked about how to get XP, just did everything possible for yourself. "I did almanax and dopples everyday, I did treasure huting too but more like for extra cash while just benefitting a bit with XP, I soloed small/medium frigost mobs of appropriate lvl (and even large mob depending on the map), soloed 1-2 dimensional mobs with stars (sometimes with sidekick). I did quests, dungeons, achievements, whatever I could." But most important fact, he never tried to XP on purpose, but rather farm money and mats for his future planned set; while doing so he automatically farm needed monsters for needed mats and slowly but constantly getting more and more XP. 


The best part is that the player actually enjoyed everything he did, and in the end he reached 200 even sooner than he wanted (since he still didn't have enough stats and spell scrolls and endgame equipments for himself at that time). 


Moreover, during your journey you may also meet lots of friends, join an awesome guild with members of which you could do even more hard dofus touch contents and get more XP. 


The main idea is that as a soloer you gain small XP but it's from every possible part of the game and in long run all the XP adds up. What we try to say is that you should enjoy all dofus touch possibilities to its fullest and XP will come to you itself.


Hope this article would help you.