DOFUS Touch: Some Basic Knowledge Of Masqueraider You Should Know

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The Masqueraider in DOFUS Touch is a warrior who always wears a mask. His power was drawed from the masks he wears so Masqueraiders can change his fighting style whenever he likes. Some players would like to choose Masqueraider as the class they start DOFUS Touch. This article is a nice guide for new Masqueraiders to start the game with some knowledge of what to do.



The Basic Characteristics You Should Know


Masqueraiders have three main elements which consists of Strength, Agility and Chance.



Vitality is important for Masqueraiders as more vitality means more shields and shields are something you have to learn to use if you are planning to play as a Masqueraider. For playing in a group high vitality is the best call.



Most classes use wisdom to gain more experience to hit those higher levels faster and Masqueraiders are no different. The extra AP and MP loss resistance and MP reduction are nice additions also but get your wisdom from your equipment if you don't plan to get up fast and reset stats once happy with your level.



One of the three main elements of a Masqueraider. Useful for the extra pods and added damage on earth spells (mainly furia and apathy).



One of the three main elements of a Masqueraider. Useful for extra dodge and lock and allows the class to deal more damage with its main AoE spell, capering.



One of the three main elements of a Masqueraider. Useful for extra prospecting and added damage on water spells.



Useless (as Masqueraiders have no fire spells or heals) unless you want to throw a pie to your opponents face.



The Known Spells Of Masqueraiders


Masqueraiders are best known of their spells that change their mask and fighting style. This means we can put them in three categories. There are also some spells that can be used regardless of the mask.


Cowardly Mask:

Ranged spells that are used to keep distance between the player and the enemy.


Classic Mask:

Short ranged spells with life steal that are mainly used to keep enemies close to the player.


Psychopath Mask:

Short ranged damage dealing spells that increase outgoing damage.


All three have one damage dealing spell of each of the three elements Masqueraiders use, a shield spell and an utility spell meaning your choice of element doesn't restrict what mask you can use while also preventing the use of a single mask if one wants to be effective.



Effective Ways To Build The Class


Being one of the newer classes, Masqueraider has the universal soft caps on all of the elemental stats (1:1 for the first 100, 2:1 for the next 100 etc.) meaning the class can be built effectively on many different ways. Although extra damage is always nice it's good to remember that vitality is Masqueraiders' main stat. Basic build for team play would be around 0-100 points in your main elemental stat and rest in vitality and all the lone wolves could use up to 300 points in their main element(s) the rest being vitality.


Single element builds can work well but are not recommended because of their lack of versatility. I'd recommend going with two elements or all three if you understand how they work and want the most out of this class.



The main build for dealing damage. Furia is the strongest psychopath spell with good base damage and the best buff, works really well with reinforcement too adding the damage fully for each elemental damage. Apathy has the best range of coward spells, allowing earth Masqueraiders switch between close combat and ranged kiting.



Mainly used to unlock furia and switching to earth after. Can deal high AoE damage with capering but lacks power when compared with the other two. Picada can have useful range with high range gear and being the only 3 AP ranged spell makes it spammable early on. Useful in dual element builds.



Has the potential to deal the highest damage with capering if enemies are movable and next to a wall. Decoy also has the lowest AP cost and highest base damage of classic spells for the maximum life steal. Distance has decent range but lining it up can be hard sometimes.


Some Useful Equipment We Recommend To Try


Levels 1-60:

Adventurer set is useful regardless of build.

Gobball set is great for earth based build and that +1 AP enables your furia to reinforcement combo.

Moskito is pretty much the best set early on for water based characters.

Farmer set can be an option instead of the moskito for water

Tofu set could work out with air based build.

Toady set with Mad Tofu Cloak is probably the strongest agility item build for early game.

Kwak sets can be good if you need an extra MP and AP


Some sets in the goultine shop can be really good but I'd save for the eider set, armoured dragoturkey or a pet rather than buying one of those for a Masqueraider although the chance sets are pretty good.


Levels 60-100:

At this point you should start working towards 9 AP and some more MP with decent vitality but here are some decent sets that can work on their own:


Royal Gobball set is pretty much a direct upgrade to the regular Gobball set

Pippin Blop set combined with Toady set and Mad Tofu Cloak make up for a really good agility based set, though you might want some vitality maged in there if you play in a group

Blop sets are overall fairly good options to go for

Eider set can take you all the way up to 100 regardless of your build but it might be hard to acquire


Early 100s

You should aim for items that get you to atleast 9 AP and 5 MP and get your gelano if you don't have one yet

White Rat set is good for strength/air based Masqueraiders

Ancestral set is good for strenth/chance based Masqueraiders

Dreggon set works with omni build as its pretty much a better eider set


Here onwards you shouldn't be a newbie anymore and can make your own calls about your equipment and what you need from them.


If you are interested in trying out this somewhat difficult class, the basics of Masqueraiders will help you to start the game, then you can find out some tips when you playing on your own.