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Dofus is an Mmorpg game created by French developer Ankama, DOFUS Touch ("Dofus Touch is not Dofus," says developer Ankama Games) is now available in the whole wide world, on smartphones and tablets! Missing a group for a dungeon? Forgetting to feed a pet? This is all ancient history: the World of Twelve now follows you everywhere, comfortably installed in your pocket. If you have not experience the game, follow us to get know.


Main Menu

The goal of Ankama is to revive the universe of his game which earned him all his notoriety. Giving players the ability to play on tablet / mobile was their idea, and it worked well.


A successful outing

The Dofus Touch app goes out in July on tablet and then in mid-September on mobile. A bargain for MMORPG players who can enjoy the entire Dofus universe without a subscription. We have recorded over 500,000 unique users on Dofus Touch since its release. The idea of ​​seeing Dofus Touch a different game of pc game attracts players. It is then found in version 2.13, which is far from recent (and where some classes have not undergone redesign).

Smooth interface, sliding menus and mobile optimization, Dofus Touch stands out for its ease of use. With average battery consumption, playing several hours is possible. To avoid this problem, we also find the possibility of playing on emulator (so on pc). It is then time to choose from the 15 available classes! As on Dofus, we have the possibility to personalize his character. So, we start playing!


What is new in Dofus Touch?

With a shop system, players have access to all the objects in the game. The only profitability of Ankama is the gems, which are a second currency that can be used in the shop or in the HDV sale). It is necessary to know that everything is buyable thanks to cheap dofus touch kamas, including objects of the shop where one can obtain certain panoplies, frames or bonuses. This new currency is mainly used to buy boosts experience and drop, but it is also indirectly a way to buy kamas, the currency of Dofus Touch.

General Interface Shop with expanded menus

One feels back in childhood by finding the gigantic world that is Dofus. In a first step, you access the entire game without worrying about subscription. We quickly discover a community much more enjoyable, people are much more mature. During the fighting, people obviously speak less. Taking time during a tour is paramount. The time to think about his actions, to be careful not to press side and miss his target, one must be attentive. We notice a lot of freshness due to the new server, giving birth to a rather active community. The system of aggression and the wars of territories and collectors are astonishingly active. Being part of a community allows you to quickly discover the game and participate in active combat.


What I learned from my experience in the game

To make dofus touch kamas, a difficult task often associated with the Kolizéum, the breeding and the dopeuls. Beginning at level 60, we quickly realize that these methods are no longer sufficient in the face of the price of equipment ... So we have to manage to find a method thanks to the trades, drop or buy and resale a " objects. We find some of them after one or two hours of research. Being endowed with patience will be required, sets and frames are not yet all available or are at very high prices. Doing them yourself is often the best solution, even if one does not always get the desired jet. As far as frames are concerned, raising them takes an enormous amount of time and the chances of obtaining two SDs from higher generations are very low. This is one of the things that will be the longest to be marketed at low prices.

As for leveling, there are few charitable people to get us up for free. The generalization of payment for xp has been very fast, asking your drops or kamas to make party the group is common. Knowing that there are few 200 levels, most players are in rush and do not expect to use their time to do low xp levels. The fastest is to go alone with small groups or guild with the dungeons. Not being able to drop a key is not practical. Two choices are available to you, farm or take out the purse to chain them. Well accompanied, we climb quickly.


Positive and negative

With your stuff and your hundred hours of play, you will want to turn to the side of the Kolizéum. It was quite frustrating to see that at level 100, we can fall against levels 70 to 150. Even with a fairly recent release, we already find a large part of the characters optimized 12pa 6pm. Not being properly calibrated, this mode is not currently top unless you have a fully optimized team. You will have to be patient before you can enjoy the Kolizéum.



There are other exciting new features, such as having access to HDV anywhere. Buying stuff, bread, potions is no longer a problem, no need to move unnecessarily. There are also, soon after the release, events organized by Ankama. With a double xp weekend of successes / quests, the Halouine dungeon and the rusher dungeon, Dofus Touch is relatively active and we see that Ankama shows a real interest in his community.



Dofus Touch is a MMORPG that can be carried anywhere. Thanks to its active community, you can quickly find something to do. We can conceive that the game will have a very long life (Several hundred hours are required before reaching the maximum level), in addition to the content that will be added during the many updates provided by Ankama. In addition to being completely free, the gaming environment is quite large and diverse. With a size of less than 85 MB, the application is easily installable. It requires a permanent internet connection to access the online game.

Many good points for the re-release of the Ankama game. It is always nice to spend an hour on Dofus Touch when you know that you will find yourself facing a good community, active people who are there to advance and play.


Here is the download link for Apple devices and for Android devices.