Dofus Touch Review: The Alchemist Profession

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This article we'll talk about a special profession in Dofus Touch, Alchemist.


As the official explain, an Alchemist prepares potions. They can be more or less efficient but are essential to craft items, to recover energy and Health Points and to forget knowledge. His knowledge extends to selecting the perfect plants for his potions.


Alchemist acquires their main ingredients from clicking on flower recourses that are not as concentrated but like the Farmer is able to collect several from a single resource 100% of the time with a chance for a resource protector to appear with 50 of the like flower with a chance to drop a rare.




  • • Can cover 2 sellrooms alone. (resource and alchemy) 
  • • Easyest proffesion to level to 60. (then second fastest to level 100) 
  • • Is usefull at level 60. (most things people need a alchemist for can be done with a level 60 alchemist 100%) 
  • • Crafts sells fast. 
  • • Resources that you can collect sells for a worthy ammount uncrafted. (it in the middle of resource collecting proffesions) 
  • • Combos well with Farmer. (can make brakmar/bonta recalls with rice form farmer and supply flowers for making hemp seeds) 
  • • Combos well with Fishmonger/Fishermen they need wild mint from alchemist or monsters. 



  • • The big speed bumb at level 60 can make you give up on gething it to 100. 
  • • All high level crafts takes insanely large ammount of resources to craft. 
  • • All mid and high level resources are rare and scatered. (example maps with eldewess are far apart and only have 1-3 of them on it) 


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Profession Tips

  • • Craft a lot as soon as you can collect clovers till your level 60. (or brakmar/bontarian recalls if you have a level 100 farmer from level 1) 
  • • Crafting blood potions and phoneix potions to level 100 are your best options. (note phoneix potions are extremly hard to sell and don't sell for much) 
  • • No one will say wow you have a level 100 Alchemist!


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