DOFUS Touch Overview - One Of Biggest Online Game Arrives On Tablets

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jul/14/17 13:42:29 Views: 2258

DOFUS Touch is a free MMORPG game, a mobile game released by the French studio Ankama Games MMORPG Dofus.



As in the original game action was embedded in the fairytale land known from the twin name cartoon. It is worth pointing out that the mobile DOFUS Touch was designed based on the same technology as its computer counterpart, making the game look truly fabulous. The whole is characterized by saturated cartoon color graphic, which combined with a great soundtrack creates an amazing atmosphere.


The DOFUS Touch game is also almost a 100% Dofus copy of the PC. Traditionally for MMORPGs, the main task of the player is to explore the world of the game, perform tasks, fight in PvE and PvP modes, and primarily develop your champion.


The game gives us a choice of fifteen diametrically different skills and fighting style classes, and this number obviously increases with each update. The authors also took care of the highly developed craft system, giving players access to more than 30 professions such as Alchemist and Smith.


With the coming of new game DOFUS Pets, players are able to unlock your pet in DOFUS Touch and continue your adventure with the cute pet you own.


One of the biggest online game on PC now arrives on tablets and smartphones all over the world! 15 character classes, 200 levels of experience, hundreds of zones and thousands of equipment: prepare your fingers and batteries, roam all your friends, you are ready to experience a colossal adventure!