DOFUS Touch: New Filtering Panels Of Dragoturkeys

dofustouch-kamas Date: Feb/06/17 15:46:50 Views: 2072

Have you awared of the panels of filtering of dragoturkeys has changed into a new interface? These changes will help seasoned breeders who have a complicated way to sort out their herd easier to achieve their goals.



The first change you can see is that an important sorting criteria make the new single panels compact and clearer than the previous long list of panels.


If the sort criteria is active, each button is colored, otherwise, the button remains gray.



Most of the criteria can be activated by simple tap. For example, tapping the corresponding button can determined mountable mode or not.The color and capacity criteria require two taps: the first tap displays a list to choose from.


While the filtering panel is in a minimized state, the Filter button is colored orange and each active criterion is shown to remind you that the filtering is active.


If you want to delete the criterion, simply tapping on the label will be helpful.



Additionally, there is a slot to show the number of Dragoturkeys displayed compared to the total number of Dragoturkeys.


This update is available now, so open your DOFUS Touch and use the new filtering interface of dragoturkeys.