DOFUS Touch Makes Modification In XP Curve And Loot Drops

dofustouch-kamas Date: May/09/17 21:55:40 Views: 2407

The game DOFUS Touch offers the entire contents of the game DOFUS completely free since its release. DOFUS Touch have opted for a solution to slow the progression of the characters and their generation of booty, while continuing to offer free and unlimited access to the whole game. They planed to modify not only the experience required to gain level from levels 1 to 200, but also the chances of getting loot on all the monsters of the game. Players will experience these updates in the next update on May 11th.


In addition to these changes, to better reward its users, the game will triple the effectiveness of the Bonus Packs offered in the shop. Bonus Packs will now give players a bonus of +150% on the experience received as well as +150% chance of getting loot on monsters.



Overall Balancing Of The Experience Curve


The experience necessary for the passage of levels has been modified for all the levels in order to propose a slower progression but to the more gradual difficulty. Indeed, the levels of experience have been revised so that the amount of experience to be acquired is higher, but that the differences from one level to the other are less marked. 


In order to reduce these gaps between levels, the experience required to move from the 199 to 200 level has been greatly diminished and spread over all the previous levels.


Modification Of The Chance Of Getting Loot


The chances of obtaining resources can now range from one-third of their current value to three times, depending on the level of the monster they are on. Because of this, DOFUS Touch is able to facilitate the arrival in the game for a novice player, ensuring him a more regular booty even solo. Conversely, experienced players will find it more difficult.


Now, a monster will have the same probabilities of booty generation regardless of rank (a monster usually exists in 5 variations with different levels, which we call grades).


Triple Bonuses Of Bonus Packs


In order to ensure the continuity of the game and thus enable developers to produce regular content, the developers decided to take measures to encourage the use of their main source of income, the Bonus Packs which are available in Goultines or in kamas. For them, it is necessary. 


For the purpose of upgrading the Bonus Pack and ensure that the progress of the players who use it is not hampered, DOFUS Touch will increase the bonuses provided by the pack accordingly. 


The current Bonus Pack allows you to benefit from 50% bonus experience as well as a 50% chance of obtaining additional booty. These bonuses will both be multiplied by 3 with this update. Existing Bonus Pack users will have their benefits modified as well to +150% for both experience and loot chance.


 •  Experience Bonus: +50% => +150%

 •  Chance to obtain loot: +50% => +150%


Many players would wonder whether other loot drops or resources they get from other places will be changed. I would say don't worry, loot generated from achievements hasn't been modified for the time being. Items and resources that already have a very low drop rate haven't been modified and in some cases, your chance of getting them might even have gone up.


We all now that this modification is a major shift for everyone. Fortunately, DOFUS Touch will increase your character's experience to 99% of its current level if you are level 198 or below to help you with the transition. It's so kind, isn't it?