Dofus Touch: How To Upgrade Miner From Level 1 To 100

dofustouch-kamas Date: Jan/03/17 13:56:15 Views: 6597

As the official site explain, miner spends most of his life in deep mines searching for rare ores and precious stones. He supplies smiths with their primary resources as well as with alloys of his own creation. The most intuitive tactic for Miners would be to mine the highest collectable ore by their level (as it gives the most xp).


We know that there are some other guides for the miner profession, but we hope you can find some extra information in here.


Mining is hard but very useful for most crafting professions out there. You can make a great deal of money from ores as long as there isn't much competition in the mines and/or in the market.Since the trophies came out, miner lv 100 alloys and demanded more and more, making it a very profitable job. However, you are not alone. There may be hundreds of level 100 miners on your server ( Please refer to your server's character pages to see the exact number) which will make your job harder.



Level 1-10


Mining iron is the only thing you can do right now. The [0,-3] ,[-3,9] and [-2,4] mines are easily accessible from The Village zaap. After you have finished mining in there go to [9,15] mine for some more. The last one can be accessed fast by using the Sukofian Gulf Shoreline zaap. 


Level 10-20


You can now mine copper, which provides more xp. Same mines as above, since they got copper almost as much as iron. 


Level 20-50


This is your level! Bronze is now available, which isn't gathered by 100 miners because it isn't worth too much. We will use it in our advantage!

The places are : [-3,9] ( but the bronze place may be crowded), [9,15] ( for the abundence of low level ores) and now we will add the two brakmarian mines, [-23,24] and[-25,45] which have ALOT of bronze noone touches! If your character is high level enough to fight dark miners, use the railway system. Random, but you can get to mines faster. 

Cobalt and Manganese will be unlocked , but I don't reccomend them for leveling as they are farmed by alot fo miners and its quite hard to find them.Mine them at levle 100 to make money. 


Level 50-80


By the levels 60 and 70, you will unlock the silver and bauxite ores. They are great for leveling as they aren't too much mined. Use them along with tin ( unlocked at levle 50) in the Brakmarian mines ( [-22,32] , [-23,24] and [-25,45] ) to level efficiently. After you have finished mining these, go for the bronze, its still a good ore to level! You may feel like crafting quartz to level faster, but I suggest that you wait till level 80 to unlock kriptonite, for 10 more ore, you get double xp! 

NOTE:You can take a look at miner market and see which alloys do sell best at a good price, so you can pick one of them to craft and sell, and use the money for buying other ores to make the alloy again. This is good for highly populated servers since the mines tend to be crowded and items may sell faster. 


Level 80-100


We now have gold unlocked gold. The [-2,17] is a good choice for it has both bauxite and gold. Continue mining Tin/Silver/Baux/Gold.If theres no more of them, mine bronze too! Ocassionally craft Kriptonite (gives 500xp) to boost your leveling. 


If you reached level 100 miner, Start making money! Don't forget to craft yourself a Miner rune, and use it, so other people can pm you if they need ore! 

Dolomite is a great ore to get since you get 6-8 in 2 seconds and theres alot in feudala! You should craft alloys to sell to people who want trophys. You will get goood money! 


It will take you roughly 2 month to get from level 1 to level 100. The job is hard, but it's a great achievement that seeing your level 100 Miner while you have a lot of competitors. 



  • • Polishing stones is unlocked at 40 and will be helpfull ability to have in your life. 
  • • Mats are in great need for all smiths and jewler.(combos well with them) 
  • • The dificulty level is slightly easyer then lumberjack.



  • • Extremly competative market and in the mines expect to be undercuted a lot. 
  • • Competative mining expect a lot of compatation in the mines lvl 100 miners will make you wish you could kill them.(most competative gathering proffesions)
  • • Heavy resources can be a pain if your not str build or dont have pod gear. 


Profession Tips

  • • If you can get strong anought to kill dark miners using the cart system in the mines to randomly be teleported to a nother mine makes life easyer. 
  • • When you unlock polishing it should be 99% (aka100%) and can be a good way of making money on the side (buying cheap stones and selling there polished version for a profit) wile you lvl miner. 
  • • Investing in pod gear will make life easyer you should do it. (at least a bag and a gob belt) str gear also works well has pod gear. 
  • • Alloys can be slightly less profitable than selling the raw ores, but they usually sell much faster and help level up your miner too. While not very valuable, crafting Kriptonite is the easiest way to do the final stretch of miner between 80-100 as well.